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Slip-and-fall accidents in department stores may cause injuries

| Mar 21, 2015 | Personal Injury

Back pain resulting from a fall in West Virginia is one of the most uncomfortable types of pain a person can experience. Back pain stemming from slip-and-fall accidents, for example, may prevent a person from being able to do a physical job or even sit in an office chair for eight hours a day. It can also make it very difficult to sleep. One woman in another state recently sued Wal-Mart after claiming to have injured her back in a slip-and-fall accident at one of its store.

The woman alleged that she was shopping at a Wal-Mart location when, all of a sudden, she slipped and ended up falling backward. The fall apparently caused her to twist her knee as she landed on her back. According to the woman, her brother witnessed the accident, along with an employee at the store.

The woman claimed that she suffered significant personal injuries as a result of the fall. Specifically, her lower back, mid-back and right knee were injured. She asserted that her right hip, right hand and right shoulder also suffered severe injuries. The woman alleged that Wal-Mart negligently allowed a dangerous condition to exist, and that it did not clean the store’s walkway areas appropriately. Moreover, she claimed that the store failed to examine the accident area in a timely fashion, did not provide warning of a hazardous condition, did not follow appropriate inspection schedules and failed to introduce protocol in order to ensure that its employees were properly trained.

According to the woman’s complaint, Wal-Mart additionally failed in its duty to keep customers safe. She seeks monetary damages for disabilities, losing the enjoyment of life, lost wages and medical expenses. In addition, she has requested financial relief for emotional turmoil, mental agony and pain and suffering. It is with the rights of victims of slip-and-fall accidents in West Virginia to explore their legal options in an effort to right whatever wrongs may have been committed by the owners and/or managers of the properties where they were injured.

Source:, “Wal-Mart patron files suit after allegedly suffering severe injuries to lower back in fall“, Max Schramel, March 17, 2015