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Slip-and-fall accidents may occur on icy property

| Mar 6, 2015 | Personal Injury

Residents of West Virginia are likely aware that the winter season can be treacherous not only for motorists but also for pedestrians. If businesses, in particular, do not stay on top of clearing ice and snow from their properties, customers can easily suffer injuries from slip-and-fall accidents. One woman in an out-of-state case recently filed a legal claim against a store for this very reason.

In this case, the woman said that a general store permitted its property’s front sidewalk to stay icy in the winter. The woman reportedly slipped and then fell on the sidewalk of the retail establishment. She has accused the store of being negligent, unlawful and careless in its grounds maintenance due to not clearing the walkway or warning customers of the hazardous surface.

The woman said that as a result of the fall, she has had to endure long-term pain. She said she also expects to continue to suffer from pain due to the fall, as well as impairment and distress. She is seeking over $46,000 in damages, as well as medical expenses.

If a person slips and falls on an icy or wet surface that a business establishment was responsible for maintaining and becomes injured, it can be grounds for a premises liability suit. Slip-and-fall accidents can be devastating because of the physical and financial ramifications of these types of accidents. A preponderance of evidence is needed to prove that a business’s negligence caused a person’s slip-and-fall injury in order for a plaintiff to prevail in a West Virginia courtroom.

Source:, “Little General hit with slip-and-fall suit“, Carol Ostrow, March 2, 2015