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April 2015 Archives

Dangerous or defective products include frozen pastries this week

People here in West Virginia put their faith into food manufacturers and companies to ensure that all safety warnings and ingredients are properly placed on the packaging or labels of products. Sadly, one of the reasons that there are dangerous or defective products on the market is because this is not always done. This oversight puts consumers at serious risk, which in extreme cases, could lead to someone's death.

Bikes included in recall of dangerous or defective products

Practicing bike safety while riding is crucial for West Virginia residents who enjoy their bicycles rides. At the same time, it is just as important for the bike itself to be safe. Unfortunately, when dangerous or defective products are at play, a faulty bike could turn a pleasant ride into a harmful tragedy.

Auto defects lead to recalls of BMW, Nissan and Fiat vehicles

Drivers of BMW, Nissan or Fiat vehicles in West Virginia may benefit from learning that several vehicles were recently recalled. The recall is in response to auto defects discovered in tens of thousands of automobiles. Government officials said the manufacturers' automobiles may unexpectedly stall.

Nissan, BMW recall vehicles after finding fuel pump auto defects

When a part or system on an automobile fails while on the highway, it can result in a catastrophic accident. Such an accident can result in serious injuries or possibly even the deaths of the individuals involved. Auto defects in a seat belt, airbag, brakes, engine or fuel system are all things that could lead to accidents, injuries and deaths in West Virginia.

Teenage boy loses life in West Virginia car wreck

It is naturally disheartening to find out that a loved one has died in a car wreck, especially if the accident happened through no fault of his or her own. Unfortunately, these types of accidents often occur when a driver behaves negligently behind the wheel, such as speeding or driving while distracted. One family in West Virginia is currently facing this scenario following a car wreck. The accident led to the death of a teenager.

Wrong-way West Virginia car crash leads to 2 deaths, 1 injury

Wrong-way accidents are typically head-on, high-impact collisions. For this reason, these types of car wrecks can quickly lead to serious injuries and deaths. Even if a wrong-way driver soon realizes he or she is going the wrong way, there is typically not enough time for him or her to avoid oncoming traffic. One wrong-way car crash recently took place in West Virginia, resulting in two deaths.

Defective household products for the lawn recently recalled

Defective products for the home bring up concerns on a weekly basis throughout the country. West Virginia residents may want to take note of a recent recall regarding a lawn maintenance product that they may have recently purchased for the upcoming summer. Together, Homeline and OWT Industries have recalled over one million electric leaf blowers due to the blowers being defective household products.

Puddles may lead to slip-and-fall accidents in retail stores

One quick slip and fall on another person's property in West Virginia can leave an individual with injuries that have long-term consequences. Slip-and-fall accidents can easily take place if business property owners fail to keep their properties safe for members of the public to use. One woman in another state recently said she incurred injuries after slipping and falling at a Walmart.

Parents may be relying heavily on dangerous or defective products

West Virginia parents and parents throughout the country are told to use car seats and booster seats in order to protect their children from serious injuries in the event that a car accident occurs. However, even when properly restrained, injuries can still occur if dangerous or defective products are designed, manufactured and sold to consumers. A man from another state has filed a lawsuit against the makers of a car seat, saying that the seat failed to adequately protect his young daughter from harm in an accident.

Mining accidents may stem from unsafe working conditions

Mines are some of the most dangerous places to work in West Virginia. Serious surface-level accidents can easily happen at these sites, including mishaps involving heavy equipment, tree removal or even electrocution. However, workers can also become victims of mining accidents underground, where structural collapse is a serious threat. Unsafe conditions or negligence additionally have severe consequences.

Car wreck leads to 2 injuries in West Virginia

Two people recently suffered injuries in a West Virginia motor vehicle accident. Police said they believed the early-morning accident was the result of speeding. A person who is injured in a car wreck through no fault of his or her own may rightfully seek justice through the civil court system.

Defective medical devices, like Mirena, can cause serious harm

Many female West Virginia residents have turned to their doctor after having a baby to find the best possible birth control. Some have trouble remembering to take a pill every day, while others don't want to deal with the weight gain that is common with birth control shots. This leaves some of the more recent technological advancements that have been made available by pharmaceutical companies. Unfortunately, this also opens women up to the risk of defective medical devices.

Gymnasiums may be sites of slip-and-fall accidents

All property owners in West Virginia have a duty to keep their properties reasonably safe for social or commercial use. When they fail to do this, they can legally be held accountable for injuries resulting from slip-and-fall accidents that occur on their properties. One woman in a different state recently filed a lawsuit after she slipped and fell at a volleyball match.

Man dies in West Virginia motorcycle accident

Motorcyclists are particularly in danger of suffering major injuries and even dying in a vehicle collision simply because they lack the protection that occupants of enclosed vehicles typically enjoy. Sadly, a West Virginia man recently died in a motorcycle accident. Police said the accident was the result of another party's decision to drive under the influence.

Parents should be wary of dangers of defective household products

As most West Virginia residents are aware, one of the primary safety threats at home for children are window blind cords. Although manufacturers are expected to design and make household window blinds that are safe for use, the truth of the matter is that mistakes can happen in the design process or down the production line. Unfortunately, defective household products like window blinds can have a negative impact on a young child's life without that child even realizing that he or she is in harm's way.

1 woman dies in West Virginia car wreck

Head-on collisions are some of the most dangerous types of crashes, particularly when they occur in swiftly moving traffic on a highway. The sudden impact at high speeds can easily lead to severe incapacitating injuries or even death. One woman in West Virginia recently lost her life in this type of car wreck.

Xarelto drug possibly among dangerous or defective products today

When West Virginia residents are sick, there are numerous medications that can help treat the illness or condition. Under most circumstances, medication works very well. Unfortunately, when the drug is not adequately tested, it can sometimes threaten the safety of consumers. This is true for all types of dangerous or defective products, and consumers have the legal right to consider a products liability claim when circumstances warrant.

Defective products related to bikes may pose fall hazard to rider

When consumers in West Virginia buy products, they are typically focused on how much the product costs or whether it is the best one to use. Questions about potential injuries from use of the product often do not come to mind, as people expect that manufacturers have cautiously designed as well as tested their products. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, with defective products sometimes leading to serious injuries or even death.

A car accident often leads to neck or back injuries

A car accident in West Virginia can result in a wide variety of injuries, and two of the most commonly affected areas are the neck and back. Whiplash, in particular, is a common neck injury that often results from a car accident. Back injuries are also commonly associated with vehicle accidents due to the sudden jolt one's body can experience when two cars collide.

Slip-and-fall accidents can lead to severe injuries

A slip-and-fall accident in West Virginia may end up negatively disrupting a person's life by causing severe injuries and keeping the person from being able to work. Not being able to work, when combined with having to receive medical treatment for injuries, as a result of slip-and-fall accidents can place an unexpected financial burden on an individual. One man in an out-of-state case is currently suing a church and its reverend after reportedly being involved in this type of accident at a funeral.

Blue Bell named among latest dangerous or defective products

Blue Bell ice cream is one of the most beloved dairy products brands in West Virginia. In fact, it is a brand that isn't often heard in the news in a negative light. Unfortunately, after nearly 110 years of no problems or mentions of dangerous or defective products, Blue Bell may be the recent culprit of a listeria outbreak.  

Auto defects lead to BMW motorcycle recalls

Motorcyclists in West Virginia may be interested to learn that auto company BMW is planning to issue a recall on over 40,000 motorcycles. The reason for the recall has to do with auto defects associated with the rear flange. Officials said the defective flange might cause a bike's brakes to fail due to excess wear. It is also possible that the back wheel could fall off.

Slip-and-fall accidents in parking garages can lead to injury

A West Virginia slip and fall accident can cause a wide range of injuries. The nature of the injuries resulting from slip-and-fall accidents usually depends on the force of the fall and the position in which the victim hits the ground. A man in another state recently sued a company operating a parking garage, claiming that he fell on dangerous property.

Bone cement cited in recent defective medical devices lawsuit

When a West Virginia patient goes into the hospital to undergo a surgery, he or she expects to come out of the surgery better off than before. One would expect to be able to lead a higher quality of life. Unfortunately, defective medical devices can quickly turn this expectation upside down.

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