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Auto defects lead to BMW motorcycle recalls

| Apr 3, 2015 | Personal Injury

Motorcyclists in West Virginia may be interested to learn that auto company BMW is planning to issue a recall on over 40,000 motorcycles. The reason for the recall has to do with auto defects associated with the rear flange. Officials said the defective flange might cause a bike’s brakes to fail due to excess wear. It is also possible that the back wheel could fall off.

The recalls apply to the model years of 2005 to 2010 of certain bikes, including R 1200 GS Adventure and GS bikes. Some 2005 through 2011 models, such as the R 1200 RT, are also affected. R 1200s are some of the company’s most popular bikes.

A BMW official said the back wheel flange has the potential to develop thin cracks. Dealerships have agreed to replace the flanges for free. The recall will likely start officially in late April, although the dealerships have already been looking out for the problem vehicles and have already replaced some flanges.

Even if an auto defects recall has been issued, some motorists may have already been hurt due to the problem identified. Understandably, using the defective vehicle could result in serious injury or even death. Any person in West Virginia who has been injured in this situation — or the left-behind loved ones of an individual who died while using a problem vehicle — has the right to seek monetary damages by filing a lawsuit in civil court. A financial award, which must be based upon appropriate proof of financial liability, may help the victim or the deceased victim’s family to address the financial consequences of any accident due to the hazardous product.

Source: Los Angeles Times, “BMW to issue safety recall on 40,000 motorcycles“, Charles Fleming, March 27, 2015