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Wrong-way West Virginia car crash leads to 2 deaths, 1 injury

| Apr 23, 2015 | Car Accidents

Wrong-way accidents are typically head-on, high-impact collisions. For this reason, these types of car wrecks can quickly lead to serious injuries and deaths. Even if a wrong-way driver soon realizes he or she is going the wrong way, there is typically not enough time for him or her to avoid oncoming traffic. One wrong-way car crash recently took place in West Virginia, resulting in two deaths.

The accident happened just before 11 p.m. on a Friday night in mid-April. It occurred along Interstate 68. Police said a sport utility vehicle was heading west in lanes occupied by eastbound traffic.

As a result of the wrong-way driving, the sport utility vehicle first hit one car and then another head on. Both the wrong-way driver and the driver of the vehicle involved in the head-on collision died from the impact. Meanwhile, the driver of the other car suffered injuries deemed not to be life-threatening.

The family members of the deceased driver of the car that was hit may choose to file a wrongful death claim in this situation. Meanwhile, the injured driver of the other car might decide to file a personal injury claim, seeking the reimbursement of financial damages resulting from the car crash. Even though the sport utility vehicle driver believed to have caused the head-on wreck ended up passing away, a lawsuit may still be filed against his or her estate and against any other person who separately owned the vehicle he or she was operating when the accident happened. Compensation in a successfully litigated case may help the plaintiffs to cover funeral costs, medical expenses and other losses tied to the West Virginia crash.

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