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Xarelto drug possibly among dangerous or defective products today

| Apr 8, 2015 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

When West Virginia residents are sick, there are numerous medications that can help treat the illness or condition. Under most circumstances, medication works very well. Unfortunately, when the drug is not adequately tested, it can sometimes threaten the safety of consumers. This is true for all types of dangerous or defective products, and consumers have the legal right to consider a products liability claim when circumstances warrant.

A woman from another state recently filed a lawsuit against the makers of Xarelto. This is a drug that is designed to help prevent strokes. Unfortunately, it resulted in serious injuries for this woman that could have possibly taken her life if she had not caught the issue in time.

The woman says that she was hospitalized three different times in order to undergo a blood transfusion. This was after she began bleeding profusely for no apparent reason. She believes that the cause of the bleeding was due to issues with the Xarelto drug. She claims that she was fraudulently misled that the drug was safe to consume, which resulted in life-threatening side effects.

Sellers and manufacturers of any product — whether it is an automobile, lawn mower or medical drug — have the duty to ensure that the products that they provide to consumers are safe for use. When a product causes a serious injury, fatality or property damage, sellers and manufacturers may face claims for liability in court for the harm caused. Victims of dangerous or defective products in West Virginia can pursue compensation for financial damages incurred.

Source:, “Jefferson Parish woman sues drugmakers over Xarelto“, Dan Harkins, April 6, 2015