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May 2015 Archives

Civil case involving dog bites involves reality TV star

Unexpected dog attacks can dramatically change a person's life for the worst in West Virginia, causing both physical pain and suffering, along with emotional distress. In one high-profile case involving dog bites, a reality television star recently lost a civil suit that was filed against her in connection with a dog attack. An elderly individual who was a friend of the woman's family filed the suit.

Cribs included in list of recently recalled defective products

When parents put their babies to bed in the evenings, they naturally trust that their children's cribs will keep them safe throughout the night. However, West Virginia parents may be alarmed to learn that multiple baby products have recently been recalled due to posing safety hazards, and these defective products includes certain cribs. The cribs, in particular, are known to contain lead.

Your home stove may be among recent defective household products

An oven is one of the most crucial and frequently used components of West Virginia residents' kitchens. Some are electric, while others are gas. For residents who have a gas range, it may be time to take notice of a recent recall regarding gas ranges from Viking Range as defective household products that can cause injury.

Defective products include booster seats, weight benches

When consumers see products in stores, they typically assume that the products have been tested and are safe for them to use. This is not always the case, as defective products can easily end up on retail store shelves in West Virginia or in online marketplaces. A few products have recently been recalled, including booster seats and weight benches.

TenPoint crossbows latest of dangerous or defective products

Crossbow hunters here in West Virginia will likely be very interested in a recent recall that has taken place nationwide. TenPoint Crossbow Technologies, a popular maker of crossbows and related items, has issued a recall for roughly 127,000 crossbows. This recall includes nine different models of both TenPoint and Wicked Ridge bows due to the fact that they are considered dangerous or defective products

Dog bites may lead to physical and emotional trauma

In the situation of a dog bite in West Virginia, man's best friend may end up becoming your worst enemy. Dog bites can cause a person to suffer serious physical harm as well as emotional trauma. In these types of cases, it is within the rights of the person who has been injured by another individual's dog to file liability claims for damages.

Dangerous or defective products sometimes lead to illness

West Virginia residents are most likely not strangers to the act of enjoying a bowl of ice cream on occasion. A recent lawsuit was filed in connection with suspected dangerous or defective products that some say can lead to serious illness when consumed. The man who filed the lawsuit claims that he came close to dying after eating ice cream from a particular creamery.

Stove-maker Electrolux recalls dangerous home products

For consumers in West Virginia, a lot of thought and money often goes into making a major household purchase, such as buying an appliance. Unfortunately, even what appears to be well-made appliances may end up having a defect, thus making them dangerous home products. The company Electrolux recently recalled gas ranges due to a possible fire hazard.

Truck accident may cause severe injuries, death

Vehicle accidents involving semi trucks are particularly dangerous due to the sheer size of these trucks. Their large size can make these trucks difficult to maneuver, and cars and other smaller vehicles may have a hard time maneuvering around these large vehicles as well. A truck accident in West Virginia can quickly lead to severe injuries and even death, depending on the nature of the accident.

Wrongful death and injuries can stem from IKEA safety gates

IKEA has made yet another recall of some of its products recently that may impact some of our West Virginia readers. IKEA has recalled almost 75,000 safety gates that have failed to keep children across the country safe and have the potential to result in a wrongful death of a child. Although death has not yet occurred, three children have been injured, but 18 total incidents have been reported.

Compensation is possible for dangerous or defective products

West Virginia residents may be interested in a recent settlement agreement that took place. A well-known pharmaceutical company has recently agreed to a settlement of over $2.3 billion. This is to settle a number of pending lawsuits that occurred after one of the company's drugs allegedly caused bladder cancer in consumers. The company says that this settlement will be able to resolve most of the pending dangerous or defective products lawsuits.

Man dies in West Virginia car accident

Some of the worst news a family can receive is that their loved one has passed away in a sudden car crash. Unfortunately, one family recently received this news in West Virginia after a car accident that took place there on a recent Sunday -- one of two crashes that occurred along Interstate 79 that weekend. When a fatal accident occurs because of another person's carelessness behind the wheel, the family may have the right to hold the at-fault person accountable in a civil lawsuit.

Baby cribs among latest defective household products recalled

West Virginia residents may be particularly interested in a recent recall if they have infants in their homes. Baby's Dream Inc. has recently recalled close to 5,000 pieces of its furniture, including baby cribs, bookcases, nightstands, hutches and chests. Individuals who have one of these defective household products or knows someone who does will want to read further.

Dog bites boy, injures boy's face

Dog bites can easily lead to physical injuries, as well as emotional injuries and even death. Those who are injured by dog bites may have to live with disfigurement and the effects of lacerations, and they also may struggle with a fear of dogs in the future. The owners of dogs that end up hurting other people in West Virginia may be held liable for those people's injuries.

Defective medical devices may cause or speed up cancer growth

Dangerous or defective products cause thousands of injuries each year to individuals throughout the United States, including right here in West Virginia. These dangerous products include defective medical devices that are designed, manufactured and sold in order to help consumers. Unfortunately, when these devices do not meet certain safety and use regulations, it can result in unnecessary injuries for anyone who used or is using the device.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from new surgical device

The thought of not being able to walk or even lift one's arms is understandably terrifying for individuals in West Virginia. Unfortunately, this is a reality for many individuals who have suffered spinal cord injuries. One device, however, is giving spinal cord injury victims hope that they may be able to move again.

Car accident leads to 3 injuries in West Virginia

An accident recently occurred in West Virginia, leaving multiple people with injuries. In a similar situation, the victims of a car accident have the right to seek to hold accountable the driver deemed at fault in the crash. Even though monetary compensation cannot reverse the injuries caused by a car crash, it can help injured parties to move forward after an accident.

Auto defects in airbags can claim unnecessary lives in wrecks

Many residents of West Virginia have personally had their life saved or know someone whose life was saved in a car accident when the airbag deployed. While the deployment of an airbag may cause slight scrapes and burns to the face, the devices literally save one's life in the event of a car collision. Unfortunately, when auto defects cause these airbags to malfunction, it can result in the death of individuals. 

Slip-and-fall accidents may be caused by leaking HVAC units

Patrons of hotels and other establishments in West Virginia naturally expect that the buildings they visit will be safe for the public to use. At times, however, business property owners fail to maintain their properties, which may result in injury-causing slip-and-fall accidents. A man and woman in another state recently filed a civil claim against a hotel chain, claiming that the woman fell there due to the company's negligence.

Defective products recalled include bicycles and vacuum cleaners

A product a person purchases to make his or her life easier or more enjoyable may actually end up decreasing his or her quality of life due to a defect. West Virginia consumers may benefit from learning that a few products have recently been recalled due to hazardous defects. The defective products include vacuum cleaners, as well as bicycles.

Fast food restaurants can become sites of slip-and-fall accidents

A trip to a fast food restaurant may quickly lead to a trip to the hospital in West Virginia if a slip-and-fall accident takes place. Slip-and-fall accidents can easily occur if a restaurant fails to exercise a reasonable amount of care in keeping the property safe. One couple in an out-of-state case recently sued a McDonald's establishment, as well as its operating company, in connection with an alleged fall at the restaurant.

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