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Auto defects in airbags can claim unnecessary lives in wrecks

| May 7, 2015 | Auto Defects

Many residents of West Virginia have personally had their life saved or know someone whose life was saved in a car accident when the airbag deployed. While the deployment of an airbag may cause slight scrapes and burns to the face, the devices literally save one’s life in the event of a car collision. Unfortunately, when auto defects cause these airbags to malfunction, it can result in the death of individuals. 

In March 2014, a man died as a result of an airbag defect, according to his family. The man’s vehicle apparently stuck a pole. The impact should have caused the airbag to deploy, but it did not.

As a result of the accident and airbag defect, the man suffered injuries to the head and face that resulted in his death. The family believes that the manufacturer of the vehicle should be held responsible for its negligence in providing a faulty vehicle with defective parts.  The family is seeking various damages in their lawsuit, including medical expenses, mental distress, mental anguish, loss of society as well as loss of companionship, among other related damages.

Anyone in West Virginia who finds themselves in a similar situation as this does have options. No one is expected to sit on the sidelines and allow car manufacturers to send vehicles out of their manufacturing facilities with life-altering auto defects for consumers to purchase. However, in order to be successful with a lawsuit, it will be necessary to prove the manufacturer’s fault and negligence in the incident, as well as provide sufficient evidence that supports the theory that the manufacturer’s oversight was indeed what caused an individual’s injury or death.

Source:, “GM sued by family of man who allegedly died after airbag malfunctioned in accident“, Kyle Barnett, April 23, 2015