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Civil case involving dog bites involves reality TV star

| May 30, 2015 | Personal Injury

Unexpected dog attacks can dramatically change a person’s life for the worst in West Virginia, causing both physical pain and suffering, along with emotional distress. In one high-profile case involving dog bites, a reality television star recently lost a civil suit that was filed against her in connection with a dog attack. An elderly individual who was a friend of the woman’s family filed the suit.

The woman who was sued is Kim Richards, who happens to be the aunt of celebrity Paris Hilton. The plaintiff, 80, filed the suit last year, alleging that the TV star’s pit bull ended up biting her arm. She said the bite caused bloody wounds on her back, hand and arm.

According to the elderly woman, Richards also attempted keep the woman from phoning emergency services so that the matter would not be discovered by the media. The woman sued the TV star for more than a million dollars. A judge recently awarded her more than $8,100 for emotional distress and trauma, as well as compensation to cover her medical bills after Richards did not respond to the suit.

When dog bites take place on another party’s property, injury victims in West Virginia may opt to file premises liability claims against the allegedly at-fault individual. In the same way, the surviving family members of a person killed by a vicious dog may strive to hold accountable the dog owner through the civil court system. A monetary award in a case that is fought successfully, based on a showing of negligence, can include compensation that may help the plaintiff to better cope with the aftermath of the dog attack.

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