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Man dies in West Virginia car accident

| May 15, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries

Some of the worst news a family can receive is that their loved one has passed away in a sudden car crash. Unfortunately, one family recently received this news in West Virginia after a car accident that took place there on a recent Sunday — one of two crashes that occurred along Interstate 79 that weekend. When a fatal accident occurs because of another person’s carelessness behind the wheel, the family may have the right to hold the at-fault person accountable in a civil lawsuit.

The Sunday accident happened when police reported that a vehicle was going south along the interstate. All of a sudden, the woman driving the car went across the median. The woman’s automobile ended up hitting a car heading north, driven by a man.

The man died at the head-on accident scene. A third automobile was involved in this crash, but it could be driven away from the crash scene. Also, another accident occurred the previous day on this interstate and involved a semi truck that crashed into a guardrail and went down an embankment; killing the truck driver.

The driver who reportedly crossed the road’s median in the Sunday crash may face legal issues if the family members of the man who died in the car accident opt to file a wrongful death claim against her. They may seek damages for losses recognized under West Virginia state laws, including funeral costs and even loss of support or future lost wages. A monetary award may also be helpful for addressing pain and suffering as well as emotional distress caused by the man’s death, enabling the family to move on. A civil court will ultimately determine the plaintiff’s monetary damage claims only if liability has been established in a manner that satisfies the court.

Source:, “Two killed in separate I-79 crashes“, Dave Wilson, May 11, 2015