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Wrongful death and injuries can stem from IKEA safety gates

| May 21, 2015 | Wrongful Death

IKEA has made yet another recall of some of its products recently that may impact some of our West Virginia readers. IKEA has recalled almost 75,000 safety gates that have failed to keep children across the country safe and have the potential to result in a wrongful death of a child. Although death has not yet occurred, three children have been injured, but 18 total incidents have been reported.

The safety gates are being recalled because the rubber pads on the sides are failing to secure the gates in place. In addition, the bar at the bottom of the safety gate is a fall hazard as well. With children being extremely curious, these gates are very dangerous. All it could take is a child leaning on the gate to see what is on the other side for the gate to become unsecured from the wall, causing the gate to fall and the child with it.

The recalled products are white, made of a mixture of plastic and steel, 29 inches high and 29 to 34 inches wide. The two models being recalled are Patrull Smidig and Patrull Lamma, both of which have been sold by IKEA for 20 years. IKEA is saying that the gates were never marked to be used at the top of stairs, but those who wish to still use them elsewhere, such as the bottom of the stairs or in between rooms, can contact the company for updated safety information or a full refund.  

When West Virginia parents purchase safety devices, they expect for it to be safe for use and be effective in protecting their children. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and can result in injury or possibly the wrongful death of a child. When design defects result in the injury or death of a consumer, it may be possible to pursue a lawsuit and seek compensation for the harm caused due to the manufacturer’s negligence.

Source:, “IKEA Safety Gates Recalled After 3 Kids Fall Down Stairs: Which Models To Look Out For“, Anthony Rivas, May 13, 2015