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June 2015 Archives

Slip-and-fall accidents may occur at grocery stores

When people fall in a West Virginia store where the floor has not been properly maintained, the resulting injuries may be debilitating. The injuries caused by slip-and-fall accidents often have an adverse effect on the victim's quality of life. One individual in a different state recently filed a suit, alleging that she suffered injuries after falling in a grocery store.

Defective medical devices include some tracheostomy tubes

Some individuals in West Virginia may be affected by a recent recall of medical devices by the company Covidien Shiley -- specifically tracheostomy tubes. According to the company that makes the rubes, Medtronic, some of them are defective medical devices due to the fact that they were designed with a bend featuring a wider angle, compared with standard models of the product. The problem tubes have caused some injuries.

Latest dangerous or defective products may pose choking hazards

Parents often assume that the children's toys that they purchase and bring into their homes are perfectly safe. It is assumed that these toys have been fully and thoroughly tested for safety. Unfortunately, dangerous or defective products still make their way onto shelves and into the homes of West Virginia residents.

Family heads to trial over dangerous or defective products

Children all over the world love toys. This is why parents are continuously buying new toys for their children. Unfortunately, many West Virginia parents do not think that there may be something wrong with the toy when they purchase it. However, parents come to find out later that they have purchased dangerous or defective products that could cause serious or fatal injury to their little one.

Substances on floor may lead to slip-and-fall accidents

A quick slip on the floor of a business or establishment in West Virginia can result in huge medical costs, depending on the severity of the fall. One individual in another state recently suffered injuries after a slip-and-fall accident. She has sued the establishment, claiming that such slip-and-fall accidents are preventable.

Hip replacement products among defective medical devices

Medical devices in West Virginia, such as a hip replacement device, may help to restore physical function in a patient and thus improve his or her quality of life. However, defective medical devices do the opposite, making a person's quality of life worse. According to a recent report, certain hip replacement devices have the potential to cause problems in a handful of patients.

Big Lots recalls defective household products: hanging chairs

West Virginia residents who have recently purchased furniture from a local Big Lots will want to read this blog post. There is the chance that residents here in West Virginia have one of the most recently recalled defective household products at their homes. In fact, these products that have recently been recalled are likely to be popular for use right now since it is summer.

Auto defects in Acura vehicles may cause collisions

A recent auto recall may affect some West Virginia car owners. Acura has decided to recall a couple of models since the vehicles' automatic emergency braking systems may malfunction. Auto defects of this nature may cause vehicles to be involved in collisions.

Spinal cord injury victims may benefit from stem cell therapy

A person who suffers from a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident in West Virginia may lose his or her physical independence due to the inability to move his or her limbs. One may also experience issues such as the loss of feeling. However, according to researchers, human stem cell treatment may be able to help spinal cord injury victims regain some of the function they have lost.

Walgreens may have dangerous or defective products

Donuts are a popular choice for breakfast for many West Virginia residents. Residents also tend to take multi-vitamins on a daily basis in order to stay healthy and maintain their energy. Although these items are not usually associated as dangerous or defective products, Walgreens has recently issued a recall for certain brands of both products.

Mom files wrongful death suit after son is killed by IKEA dresser

In the year 2011, almost 50 kids were killed nationwide due to a piece of furniture tipping over on top of them. To some here in West Virginia, this may not be very surprising. After all, statistics say that children are most vulnerable for injury and wrongful death when it comes to furniture tip-overs, which injure roughly 38,000 individuals every single year. 

Defective products by Apple pose fire hazard

Music and technology lovers in West Virginia may be interested to learn about a recent product recall facilitated by Apple. The company has decided to voluntarily recall its Beats by Dre Pill XL speakers. According to the company, these defective products may catch fire if the speaker ends up overheating.

Power steering auto defects prompt recall of 423,000 Fords

It does not take much for a defective vehicle to lead to a car accident. In most cases, it is a car accident that should have been preventable. West Virginia residents who have Ford vehicles may want to take note of a recent recall from the Ford Motor Company as the auto defects that are prompting the recall are particularly alarming.

Woman injured in West Virginia car crash

There are times when pedestrians likely feel as if their safety may be in jeopardy due the speed and amount of traffic, in addition to the lack of access to a wide shoulder or side walk. Most people in West Virginia, however, likely feel relatively safe when standing in a driveway. Unfortunately, one woman is now recovering from serious injuries she suffered in a car crash believed to have been caused by a man backing out of a driveway.

Folding knives among most recent dangerous or defective products

West Virginia residents understand why most products are recalled. Some dangerous or defective products, like foods, are recalled because of the potential of listeria contamination. Some products, like baby cribs, are recalled because an infant could get stuck and suffocate. However, when a knife is being recalled because it may cause a cut, it can seem a bit strange. 

This week's dangerous or defective products may cause burns

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing about a recent recall involving night lights by Nantucket Distributing Co. The recall comes after a couple of reported incidents where the plastic surrounding the light bulb melted. Luckily, no property damage occurred nor did the individuals report any injuries as a result of the dangerous or defective products

Boating accidents can be just as serious as car accidents

Summer brings up images of barbecues, picnics and days spent on the water. As the temperatures continue to rise, more people are flocking to West Virginia's lakes to take out their boats and have some fun. Before boating season gets into full swing, this may be a good time to remember that boating accidents can be just as serious as car accidents.

Logging truck accident takes the life of passenger car driver

Determining who was at fault for an accident can be problematic, depending on the condition of the scene and the vehicles in its aftermath. Accident reconstruction teams and other investigators may be needed in order to figure out the how and why. The West Virginia State Police will most likely need to send in these types of experts in order to decipher what happened in a recent logging truck accident.

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