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Defective medical devices include some tracheostomy tubes

| Jun 25, 2015 | Personal Injury

Some individuals in West Virginia may be affected by a recent recall of medical devices by the company Covidien Shiley — specifically tracheostomy tubes. According to the company that makes the rubes, Medtronic, some of them are defective medical devices due to the fact that they were designed with a bend featuring a wider angle, compared with standard models of the product. The problem tubes have caused some injuries.

Officials said they received reports of a dozen serious injuries to patients who had used the tube, which is put through an individual’s windpipe so as to help him or her to breathe during a tracheostomy surgical procedure. The patient complaints included breathing trouble that affected the patient’s oxygen levels right after the tube was placed. Some patients also complained of discomfort.

The company has called for product distributors and customers to quarantine as well as discontinue use of the possibly affected units. Customers are then asked to return these products to Medtronic for credit. The recall impacts lots from eight different product lines manufactured after late Nov. 2012.

Individuals who are injured or find that their health suffers as a result of defective medical devices have the right to pursue a legal claim for financial damages, which may help to address pain and suffering associated with use of the product. Monetary compensation cannot fully remove the physical difficulties that patients who use defective devices experience in West Virginia. However, financial restitution, if awarded, may help them to experience closure and move on from the potentially life-changing ordeal.

Source:, “Medtronic (MDT) Announces Recall on Certain Lots of Covidien Shiley Tracheostomy Tubes“, June 23, 2015