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Family heads to trial over dangerous or defective products

| Jun 22, 2015 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Children all over the world love toys. This is why parents are continuously buying new toys for their children. Unfortunately, many West Virginia parents do not think that there may be something wrong with the toy when they purchase it. However, parents come to find out later that they have purchased dangerous or defective products that could cause serious or fatal injury to their little one.

Aqua Dots was a very popular product that was on the market several years ago and was a toy that helped to promote creativity and imagination in a child. The toy consisted of beads that would stick together when they got wet. Kids could create just about anything that they wanted.

Sadly, an 18-month-old boy swallowed some of these beads and immediately began suffering. He was vomiting, endured seizures and even stopped breathing, which led to a coma. When he came out of his coma, he had permanent brain damage and other injuries. Apparently, this was all due to the ingestion of what people know as the date rape drug, or GHB. The compound used to coat the beads breaks down into GHB when it is ingested and is very toxic to children.

Roughly four months after the boy’s injury, the company pulled Aqua Dots from the shelves. Then, a voluntary recall was issued for over four million of these products that had been sold that year. This included the one that the family had purchased for their boy.

Now, nearly a decade after the tragic incident with their son, the family is heading to trial against the manufacturer and seller of Aqua Dots. It is unclear what type of monetary damages they are seeking. However, anyone who has been injured by dangerous or defective products in West Virginia has the right to pursue a legal claim to seek compensation and justice for the harm caused by the dangerous products.

Source: USA Today, “Trial over Aqua Dots toy coated with date-rape-drug begins“, Sean Holstege, June 10, 2015