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Mom files wrongful death suit after son is killed by IKEA dresser

| Jun 13, 2015 | Wrongful Death

In the year 2011, almost 50 kids were killed nationwide due to a piece of furniture tipping over on top of them. To some here in West Virginia, this may not be very surprising. After all, statistics say that children are most vulnerable for injury and wrongful death when it comes to furniture tip-overs, which injure roughly 38,000 individuals every single year. 

West Virginia residents may have heard about the little boy from another state who was killed after a dresser from IKEA tipped over on top of him. This particular incident led to the mother of this boy to file a wrongful death lawsuit against the retail giant for manufacturing and selling defective and dangerous household products.  The mother believes that his death could have been prevented had IKEA done more due diligence.

The woman says that she found her son on Feb. 25, 2014. She seems to think that the little boy tried to climb on the drawers, which caused the dresser to tip over and land on top of him. She has cited in her lawsuit that the threat of the dressers tipping over should have been something that consumers were made aware of, and that IKEA should have taken the appropriate measures to create a safer, more stable product.

Although this story highlights the potential of injuries and fatalities of a dresser tipping over, dressers are not the only dangerous or defective household items that can cause injury or death. In fact, there are many — from cleaning products and clothing to lawnmowers and coffee makers. In some cases of a defective product causing injury or death in West Virginia, it may be possible to recover compensation for the harm caused via a product liability, personal injury or wrongful death claim. However, it will be necessary to prove the manufacturer’s negligence in the matter, which may require the help of a professional to ensure that the facts are solid and to increase one’s chances of obtaining a favorable monetary judgment.

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