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Woman injured in West Virginia car crash

| Jun 4, 2015 | Car Accidents

There are times when pedestrians likely feel as if their safety may be in jeopardy due the speed and amount of traffic, in addition to the lack of access to a wide shoulder or side walk. Most people in West Virginia, however, likely feel relatively safe when standing in a driveway. Unfortunately, one woman is now recovering from serious injuries she suffered in a car crash believed to have been caused by a man backing out of a driveway.

The accident happened in late May. One woman reports that family members and friends of the victim watched the entire event happen. A man allegedly backed out of a driveway and struck the woman. Witnesses claim that the woman was struck several times.

An ambulance that happened to be in the area at the time of the accident responded to the scene. The woman was transported by air to a hospital for treatment. Although she suffers from a broken shoulder and pelvis, family members are hopeful that she will be able to recover.

Pedestrians who are struck by motor vehicles often suffer serious injuries that require extensive medical treatment and a great deal of time from which to fully recover. Unfortunately, some people are never able to fully recover. As a result, car crash victims in West Virginia are left dealing with a stressful financial situation in addition to their physical ailments. In order to seek some relief, many people in West Virginia pursue legal recourse in a civil court. A judge could order that damages be paid to a victim if it can be proved that his or her injuries were caused by another’s negligence.

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