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July 2015 Archives

Slip-and-fall accidents may occur due to oily patches

A slip-and-fall accident in a West Virginia parking lot can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills. Slip-and-fall accidents can also lead to the loss of one's ability to work for a period of time, depending on the nature of the fall. One individual in a recent out-of-state case said she fell in the parking lot of a Walgreen's. She is now suing the store, alleging negligence.

Dad, son file defective household products lawsuit

One of the most common household tasks during the summer is mowing the lawn. It isn't uncommon for West Virginia parents to allow for their children to operate the mowers. What parents don't expect is an improper design of the mower to lead to an injury of the child. A father and his minor son recently filed a defective household products lawsuit against Sears Brands LLC, Briggs and Stratton Corp. and others for an allegedly improperly designed lawn tractor. They claim that, due to an poor design, the young boy suffered a significant foot injury after making contact with the tractor's mowing blade.

Strollers part of dangerous or defective products recall

One of the most recent recalls in West Virginia concerns products intended for the care of young children. A popular baby stroller manufacturer has recently recalled over 70,000 seats and strollers because of their potential of being dangerous or defective products. The recall comes after the company became aware of the foam from the crossbar coming off in certain instances and posing a choking hazard.

Defective products include lighting fixtures, bike components

West Virginia consumers typically buy products that will add to their quality of life. When a company manufactures defective products, however, these items can end up causing a person to suffer an injury or even die. Lighting fixtures and bicycle components are just some of several products that were recently recalled due to product defects. This list also includes cribs and cameras.

Slip-and-fall accidents can cause severe bodily injuries

When people are injured at a business establishment that was not properly maintained in West Virginia, they have the right to try to hold the establishment accountable legally. After all, injuries stemming from slip-and-fall accidents can be costly to treat and can also prevent a person from working, thus posing a huge financial burden on the individual. One person in an out-of-state case said she suffered injuries following a slip-and-fall accident. She recently filed a lawsuit against the condo association responsible for the property where she allegedly fell as well as against an associated property and landscaping company, claiming negligence.

Chicken among latest of dangerous or defective products recalled

West Virginia residents who love chicken may want to pay close attention to this post. According to CNBC, almost 2 million pounds of Aspen Foods chicken have been recalled due to being dangerous or defective products. There is an apparent risk of Salmonella infection, which is one of the most dangerous bacterial foodborne illnesses.

Caffeine overexposure may result in wrongful death of children

Caffeine is a legal, unregulated product that is used on daily basis by most people here in West Virginia and throughout the country. Therefore, people do not put much thought into the dangers that it can have on one's body, especially younger individuals. In severe cases, it may result in the wrongful death of an individual.

Auto defects lead to recall of General Motors SUVs

People in West Virginia naturally expect their vehicles to protect them on the road and to be safe to use. However, if consumers' vehicles feature defects, they can easily cause the consumers harm instead. Drivers in West Virginia may be interested to learn about a recent recall issued by General Motors that affects hundreds of thousands of vehicles with auto defects.

Alleged dangerous property conditions leads to slip and fall

When property owners in West Virginia neglect to keep their properties clear of dangers, pedestrians on the property can end up injuring themselves by slipping and falling. One individual in a case from another state claims that he fell on ice on city property and was injured as a result of the dangerous property conditions. He filed a lawsuit against the city, which has now been settled.

Defective household products by kettle company may cause burns

Manufacturers of products have a duty to ensure that their goods are safe for public use. Unfortunately, no matter how hard they try to adhere to this standard, sometimes defective household products end up in consumers' hands and lead to injuries or even death. People in West Virginia may be affected by a recent product recall involving defective kettles.

Truck and motorcycle accident leads to 2 deaths

A vehicle accident involving four vehicles -- one truck and three motorcycles -- recently caused the deaths of two people in West Virginia, leaving surviving loved ones questioning how the accident could have occurred. The truck and motorcycle accident took place on a recent Thursday. It happened at around 12:45 p.m.

Defective products include baby floats and golf cars

Several recent product recalls may affect consumers in West Virginia. These include recalls of inflatable baby floats, snowmobiles and golf cars, along with other products. If people in the state are injured as a result of using defective products, it is within their rights to seek justice through the civil court system.

Spinal cord injury patients experience adverse events in hospital

Spinal cord injuries can be difficult to cope with because of their life-changing impacts on the body. People with spinal cord injury in West Virginia may experience pain, sensory changes, numbness and even weakness or paralysis. Recent research shows that a higher number of spinal cord injury patients than recently thought ended up developing an adverse event, AE, while being cared for in the hospital.

Yoga tops are latest dangerous or defective products for injuries

Many people in West Virginia enjoy working out and doing yoga. These activities typically provide health benefits, and many individuals find them relaxing as well. Recently, though, concerns have been raised about some of the apparel used to engage in these activities. It appears that a popular fitness apparel company has more dangerous or defective products out on the market and in consumers' homes.

9 injured in West Virginia car crash

Suffering an injury in a vehicle accident can be traumatizing both physically and emotionally. It can also affect a person's finances if medical care is needed to treat the injuries. Two cars were recently involved in a West Virginia car crash that sent several people to the hospital.

Dog bites injure woman, another dog

Getting bitten by a dog, whether in West Virginia or elsewhere, can be a traumatic experience on many levels, including physically as well as emotionally and even financially. Unfortunately, one woman in another state experienced this firsthand after suffering multiple dog bites. The incident occurred on a recent Friday morning.

Dangerous or defective products include Wish-Bone ranch dressing

West Virginia residents who love their salads with ranch dressing may want to take note of this recall. One of the most recent dangerous or defective products that has been recalled is none other than ranch dressing. Nearly 9,000 cases of Wish-Bone bottles of the salad dressing are being recalled by Pinnacle Foods Group.

Taco Bell blamed for dangerous property conditions

When a person falls on business property in West Virginia, whether inside or outside the business, the owner of that company may be held liable for injuries occurring as a result. One individual in another state said he recently fell in the parking lot of a Taco Bell restaurant because of grease that was on the lot. The man, who was allegedly hurt in the fall, has thus sued the fast-food chain, alleging negligence on the business's part in light of its dangerous property conditions.

FDA is warning of defective medical devices for birth control

Women in West Virginia may be interested in hearing about information surrounding a birth control method that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has placed on its website. Essure is the birth control that is in question, and it is marketed as a non-surgical, yet permanent, form of birth control. It is no secret to most that over the years there have been complications and lawsuits surrounding these defective medical devices, but it is even more concerning now that the FDA has gotten involved with a product that it approved over a decade ago.

14-month-old falls victim to dog bites

A dog bite can be serious in West Virginia, leading to disfigurement and physical issues that a person may never overcome. Sometimes dog bites happen because of the carelessness of the dog owner. One child in an out-of-state case was recently bitten by the dog of his neighbor.

Subaru auto defects involve driver-assist system

West Virginia drivers who have purchased certain Subaru vehicles are at risk of suffering injuries or of dying in a crash due to a problem with these vehicles. Subaru has decided to recall more than 70,000 vehicles as a result of the discovered auto defects. Specifically, the automobile's driver-assist system features an automatic pre-collision braking part that may fail.

Recently recalled defective medical devices include trach tubes

Some residents here in West Virginia may be interested in hearing about a recent recall that has occurred. This recall is in relation to defective medical devices in the form of tracheostomy tubes. These are the tubes that are placed through one's windpipe in order to assist him or her in breathing.

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