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14-month-old falls victim to dog bites

| Jul 3, 2015 | Personal Injury

A dog bite can be serious in West Virginia, leading to disfigurement and physical issues that a person may never overcome. Sometimes dog bites happen because of the carelessness of the dog owner. One child in an out-of-state case was recently bitten by the dog of his neighbor.

The boy was just 14 months old when the dog bite happened. According to the boy’s mom, the dog of their neighbor came to their home to visit. At that time, the dog, a pit bull, ended up attacking the boy.

The alleged dog attack caused the boy’s lip to be totally torn in half; his eye was also punctured. The boy had to have plastic surgery done on the lip area, with the cost of the surgery being an estimated $17,000. The woman said her medical insurance would not cover this procedure. According to the animal control agency, the pit bull is being quarantined. The agency is investigating the incident.

If a dog in West Virginia inflicts severe injury on an individual due to the owner’s negligence, the owner of the dog may be held financially responsible for the injury. A pet owner may particularly be held liable in a dog bite case if it is determined that his or her dog has a general propensity to be unpredictable and aggressive and the owner should have known this. Monetary awards in cases involving dog bites may help the victims to pay for medical treatment related to the dog bites and to more easily move forward from these traumatic incidents.

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