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Alleged dangerous property conditions leads to slip and fall

| Jul 18, 2015 | Personal Injury

When property owners in West Virginia neglect to keep their properties clear of dangers, pedestrians on the property can end up injuring themselves by slipping and falling. One individual in a case from another state claims that he fell on ice on city property and was injured as a result of the dangerous property conditions. He filed a lawsuit against the city, which has now been settled.

The man asserted that he was at a post office building belonging to the city and was going down the stairs to some mailboxes. At that time, he reportedly slipped and fell on some ice that had built up near one of the mailboxes. He claimed that the area had not been appropriately maintained by the city, as the vicinity should have been cleared of the hazardous ice conditions.

The man claimed he remained unconscious for nearly a minute after the slip-and-fall accident. He required medical attention following the incident. After being taken to the hospital via an ambulance, he was diagnosed with rib fractures, and a chest tube was inserted. The patient initially sought compensatory damages totaling $150,000, but the suit was settled for $28,000. Neither side admitted fault or liability in the case.

Property owners in West Virginia sometimes breach their duty of care, which could result in severe injuries and extensive medical bills. Victims of dangerous property conditions have the right to seek to hold these property owners accountable by pursuing premises liability claims against them. Cases that are successfully presented, based upon a showing of negligence, may result in much-needed monetary relief for any financial losses sustained.

Source:, “Postal Service settles slip-and-fall case for $28K“, Nicholas Malfitano, July 10, 2015