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Head-on car crash leads to multiple injuries

| Jul 17, 2015 | Car Accidents

Several people were hurt in a vehicle accident that recently took place in West Virginia. The car crash happened on a Thursday at about 3 p.m. in the area of the West Virginia Turnpike. It began with a police traffic stop.

Police said the accident happened after they confronted an individual who was driving a car. She was standing at a toll booth near her vehicle. However, when police tried to talk to her, the woman suddenly got back into her vehicle and drove off, leading police on a short vehicle chase. When she got off of an exit and went onto a street, she struck a pickup truck and another car head-on.

One of the automobiles that was hit had four kids and one adult inside; the other vehicle only had the driver in it. Seven people in total suffered injuries and were transported to a medical center, including the woman who allegedly sparked the police chase. This woman’s injuries were considered serious, and officials said she was not responsive to her medical treatment. All of the injury victims were listed in stable or critical condition. Police continue to investigate the accident.

The woman who reportedly struck the two vehicles head-on may be held financially responsible for their injuries. This is because the other injury victims have the right to file personal injury claims against her, pursing monetary damages. If she dies as a result of the West Virginia car crash, her estate may face litigation. Anybody who separately owned the vehicle she was driving may also be sued for the reimbursement of damages sustained in the accident, based upon a showing of negligence.

Source:, “Seven injured in major accident near Crossroads Mall“, Douglas Fritz, July 9, 2015