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Recently recalled defective medical devices include trach tubes

| Jul 1, 2015 | Uncategorized

Some residents here in West Virginia may be interested in hearing about a recent recall that has occurred. This recall is in relation to defective medical devices in the form of tracheostomy tubes. These are the tubes that are placed through one’s windpipe in order to assist him or her in breathing.

Medtronic PLC has recently recalled around 70,000 tracheostomy tubes designed for babies and children. Apparently, the recall was instigated after the company received reports that patients were having probably breathing properly with the tubes in place. Over the last several years, there have been hundreds of harmful events that have occurred related to the tube, which was redesigned in 2012. It does seem as if breathing issues were resolved when the tubes were replaced with previous models.

The company began informing hospitals near the beginning of May to stop using the tubes with the new designs. The tubes should also be pulled from patients who receive at-home care. The company says that it has enough of the older models in stock to meet the demand for the tubes that are being pulled.

A dozen injuries have been reported that were serious in nature. In some of those cases, the patients suffered diminished oxygen levels, trouble breathing and discomfort. So far, there have been no reports of any long-term or permanent impairments due to the defective tube.

Any residents of West Virginia who have experienced injuries or complications due to defective medical devices may be entitled to monetary damages via a lawsuit. No one should have to suffer in discomfort or pain due to a defective product. However, if it happens, and a lawsuit is successful, financial restitution may help the victim and his or her family move on from the unfortunate situation.

Source:, “Medtronic recalls tracheostomy tubes for kids after injury reports“, Joe Carlson, June 24, 2015