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A slip-and-fall accident in a West Virginia parking lot can lead to thousands of dollars in medical bills. Slip-and-fall accidents can also lead to the loss of one’s ability to work for a period of time, depending on the nature of the fall. One individual in a recent out-of-state case said she fell in the parking lot of a Walgreen’s. She is now suing the store, alleging negligence.

The woman said she was at a Walgreen’s store and all of a sudden tripped. She then fell on oily liquid that was either placed in the area of the parking lot where she had parked her car or had accumulated there. According to the suit, Walgreen’s should have inspected and maintained the condition of the premises, through its employees and agents, in order to make the area safe.

The woman said the company specifically should have removed the oil patch from the ground that reportedly caused her to slip, fall and sustain injuries. The woman is suing for unspecified damages for medical expenses. As part of her suit, the plaintiff is additionally seeking damages for mental anguish, physical pain and suffering, and the loss of the enjoyment of life.

The woman is further pursuing damages for emotional distress, disability and functional impairment. In addition, damages for the loss of earning capacity, income and wages are being sought. It is within the rights of any individuals who become injured in slip-and-fall accidents as a result of negligence in West Virginia to file premises liability claims against the property owners deemed responsible for keeping their properties safe.

Source:, “Walgreen’s sued by woman claiming she was injured in a slip and fall on oil in parking lot“, Gloria Parker, July 22, 2015