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Taco Bell blamed for dangerous property conditions

| Jul 4, 2015 | Personal Injury

When a person falls on business property in West Virginia, whether inside or outside the business, the owner of that company may be held liable for injuries occurring as a result. One individual in another state said he recently fell in the parking lot of a Taco Bell restaurant because of grease that was on the lot. The man, who was allegedly hurt in the fall, has thus sued the fast-food chain, alleging negligence on the business’s part in light of its dangerous property conditions.

The man claimed that grease in the parking lot area caused him to slip and fall. He said that as a result of striking the pavement, he suffered injuries. He has also incurred medical bills.

In his legal complaint, the man said that the restaurant breached its duty to exercise reasonable care when it allowed slick grease patches to stay on the surface of the parking lot. The grease was also reportedly in areas that were not lighted. The facility is blamed for not warning guests about the grease-related hazard even though it should have known or did know about the hazardous condition.

The man is seeking damages exceeding $50,000, as he is claiming past as well as future lost income. In a case involving dangerous property conditions in West Virginia, the injured plaintiff might receive a financial award based upon a showing of negligence on the part of the business where the injury took place. The monetary award may be helpful for covering medical bills as well as addressing pain and suffering stemming from the incident.

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