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August 2015 Archives

This week's defective household products include gym equipment

It is not uncommon for individuals right here in West Virginia to want to stay on top of their fitness. However, it can be extremely difficult to make it to the gym, so many turn to home fitness equipment. Unfortunately, defective household products do occur, and this can include exercise equipment that individuals have in their homes.

Auto defects in Ford trucks lead to recall

People who have purchased vehicles in the past few years in West Virginia may be affected by a current recall of certain pickup trucks in the United States. Ford has decided to recall a little more than 26,000 trucks found to have auto defects. The recall stems from the fact that some front seat belts in the affected trucks might not be positioned correctly.

A couple of children's toys are defective products

A couple of recent product recalls may impact West Virginia consumers, particularly those with young children. The products being recalled include some infant clothing and children's toys. Suffering injuries as a result of these types of defective products is grounds for a product liability lawsuit.

Portable oxygen units recalled as defective medical devices

Most people would assume that any medical device that they receive to use on a regular basis is safe. It is not common for someone to think that he or she will become injured or lose his or her life as a result of a medical device. Unfortunately, defective medical devices are recalled all too often. In fact, a recent recall may impact a large majority of older Americans, including individuals right here in West Virginia.

Motorcycle accident may lead to severe injuries, death

Motorcycle accidents in West Virginia can be life-altering, leaving a person with both physical and emotional scars. A motorcycle accident often leads to injuries, such as broken bones and road rash. Because of the high level of danger associated with these types of accidents, bikers can easily suffer from even more severe injuries, such as head injuries or spinal cord injuries. Sadly, they could even end up losing their lives.

Latest defective medical devices include angiographic catheters

Some West Virginia residents must use medical devices in order to remain active throughout their lives. Some have to make use of medical devices in order to undergo certain procedures such as a coronary angiography. An angiographic catheter is an important part of this procedure as it works as a conduit for fluids, contrast, etc. Unfortunately, if the catheters used in these procedures are defective medical devices, it can have adverse effects on the patient.

Defective medical devices by Medtronic recalled

Some individuals in West Virginia may be affected by a recent recall of medical devices used for implanting heart valves. The defective medical devices manufactured by the company Medtronic are said to feature particles that may lead to health issues. More than 7,000 of these devices have been recalled.

Children may be wearing dangerous or defective products on wrists

With school just around the corner, there will be a lot of supplies purchased. Some children may want to have a character watch on their wrist, specially for the first day of school to show to their friends. However, this may be something that parents here in West Virginia want to avoid, as some watches have been deemed potentially dangerous or defective products

Tripping, slip-and-fall accidents can cause major injuries

Slipping and falling or tripping on a business's property in West Virginia can lead to unexpected injuries that can temporarily prevent a person from leading a normal life. In some cases, tripping and slip-and-fall accidents cause permanent injuries to an individual. One woman in a different state said she fell at a grocery store due to the store's carelessness, and she recently filed a lawsuit against the establishment.

Widow asserts her husband's wrongful death was caused by AndroGel

It isn't uncommon for men here in West Virginia to seek treatment methods that will raise their testosterone levels. However, individuals should be aware of a recent lawsuit that has come about in another state concerning an alleged dangerous product that is offered to raise testosterone levels. This product is AndroGel, and a female widow asserts that it killed her husband, which has prompted her wrongful death lawsuit against the makers of the product.

Recall of Mini Coopers issued due to auto defects

Drivers in West Virginia who have purchased recent models of the Mini Cooper may be at risk of getting hurt or dying in vehicle crashes due to a defect in the vehicle. The auto defects specifically impact the Cooper S Hardtop and Cooper four-door vehicles from the model years of 2014 and 2015. Also affected are the John Cooper Works automobiles from the 2015 model year.

Hip replacement product among common defective medical devices

West Virginia residents with hip replacement devices may be interested in hearing about this out-of-state case. A patient who underwent a hip replacement in September 2014 has recently filed a defective medical devices lawsuit against the manufacturer of the device as well as its parent corporations. The patient asserts that a defective orthopedic device was placed in his body and led to his suffering.

Slip-and-fall accidents may take place at variety stores

A dangerous business property in West Virginia can end up causing harm to a customer in the form of a slip-and-fall accident, thus leading to pain and suffering coupled with unanticipated medical bills. One woman in a recent out-of-state case said she suffered one of these types of slip-and-fall accidents at a Family Dollar store. She has filed a lawsuit against the business.

Car wreck leads to 2 deaths, 2 injuries in West Virginia

A one-vehicle crash in West Virginia has led to two people's deaths, leaving family members of the two individuals in mourning. Two people also suffered injuries in the collision. The accident took place on a recent Monday. Police said none of the four individuals involved in the wreck were wearing safety belts at the time of the car wreck.

John Deere lawn mowers recalled as defective household products

Being injured by a product that one loves and uses regularly can be particularly upsetting. One of the most common household products used regularly is a lawn mower. John Deere is one of the most popular name brands of lawn mowers, and this manufacturer has issued one of the most recent recalls of defective household products that may affect in consumers in West Virginia.

Defective products recalled include cameras, nut choppers

Defective products can easily cause injury or lead to death depending on the nature of their defects, thus being grounds for litigation against the product manufacturer. West Virginia consumers may be impacted by a couple of product recalls that were recently issued. The defective products that have been issued include cameras and nut choppers.

Auto defects in Uconnect systems in Chrysler vehicles

Drivers here in West Virginia who own Chrysler made vehicles will want to hear about the most recent recall that the vehicle manufacturer has made. Two security researchers recently found a weak spot in a Jeep's Uconnect computer system. Apparently, this weakness allowed them to take complete control of the Jeep, including its steering, brakes and dashboard controls. Now, Chrysler has issued a recall for nearly 1.5 million of its vehicles to repair the auto defects that have led to such a hack being possible.

Car crash reportedly involving DUI leads to 2 deaths

Two individuals passed away following a recent car crash in West Virginia, understandably leaving their family members seeking answers as to how the crash could have taken place. The car crash happened on a Saturday. It occurred along Route 11 at about 3:30 a.m.

Mom files lawsuit after son suffers dog bites

An unexpected dog attack in West Virginia can immediately handicap a person or even lead to death depending on the severity of the attack. One boy in another state was attacked by dogs back in 2014. The mother of the boy who reportedly suffered injuries due to dog bites recently decided to take the matter back to court.

Spices with salmonella latest dangerous or defective products

A recent recall by Kroger is affecting West Virginia residents. Four different seasonings have been recalled by the grocery store due to the possibility of salmonella contamination, which makes them dangerous or defective products. If consumed, these spices could cause some serious health conditions and illnesses. For consumers who have any of the listed spices below, it is advised that the seasonings be returned to the store for a full refund or thrown away.

Auto defects in Fiat Chrysler vehicles lead to recall

Drivers in West Virginia may benefit from knowing that officials have discovered that several recent-model vehicles have the potential to be hacked. More specifically, a total of 14 different Fiat Chrysler cars are vulnerable to this exploit. This has resulted in the recall of a whopping 1.4 million models of vehicles with the recently discovered software-related auto defects.

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