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Mom files lawsuit after son suffers dog bites

| Aug 6, 2015 | Personal Injury

An unexpected dog attack in West Virginia can immediately handicap a person or even lead to death depending on the severity of the attack. One boy in another state was attacked by dogs back in 2014. The mother of the boy who reportedly suffered injuries due to dog bites recently decided to take the matter back to court.

The alleged dog attack occurred near a park. The woman said she was in the process of getting her sister from the park one day. That is when her son, 11, exited the car with his brothers. As soon as they started to run and play, dogs attacked him.

The boy’s thighs now feature scars. The boy’s mom said her son was also still having nightmares and waking up crying as a result of the dog attack. The family decided to file a lawsuit in order to cover the boy’s health care bills as well as the counseling he has received as a result of the attack. The family’s attorney said that the boy was not responsible for the dog attack, as he did not provoke the animal, and neither did his brothers. The individual who had been watching the dogs on the day of the attack received a citation for not having leashes on the dogs.

If a person in West Virginia is attacked by a dog and thus injured, the individual deemed responsible for the dog may be held liable for the victim’s injuries. This is particularly the case if the injured victim can demonstrate that the animal was dangerous or vicious, the dog owner was careless with the pet, or the dog was not provoked by him or her. Monetary compensation from a successfully litigated case might include monetary relief for the plaintiff, which may help the victim to address losses associated with these type of dog bites.

Source: CBS Atlanta, “Family of dog bite victim to file lawsuit“, Dontaye Carter, July 30, 2015