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Widow asserts her husband’s wrongful death was caused by AndroGel

| Aug 18, 2015 | Wrongful Death

It isn’t uncommon for men here in West Virginia to seek treatment methods that will raise their testosterone levels. However, individuals should be aware of a recent lawsuit that has come about in another state concerning an alleged dangerous product that is offered to raise testosterone levels. This product is AndroGel, and a female widow asserts that it killed her husband, which has prompted her wrongful death lawsuit against the makers of the product.

The woman says in her lawsuit that her husband was given a prescription for AndroGel. It was represented as an effective and safe treatment for certain conditions, such as low testosterone and hypogonadism. However, as stated in the lawsuit, the product allegedly causes serious issues with one’s medical health, including strokes and cardiac troubles.

The man reportedly took the product from September 2011 until August 7, 2013, which is the day he died. The lawsuit claims that his body, particularly his cardiovascular system, simply could not take any more damage from the product. He ended up suffering at least one heart attack, possibly more, which resulted in his premature death. Now, she is filing a product liability suit that cites wrongful death, negligence and strict product liability, among other allegations.

For West Virginia residents who have taken AndroGel and suffered a life-changing injury or know someone who has used the product and endured damaging side effects, it is important to know that there may be legal recourse that can be taken. Manufacturers are expected to properly test products before allowing them on the market. These products are also supposed to be manufactured in a safe way and consumers are to be warned about any potential side effects. When this does not happen, it often opens the manufacturer up to a lawsuit regarding dangerous or defective products. With a successful product liability or wrongful death lawsuit, victims or loved ones of victims may be able to recover various monetary damages, including pain and suffering, mental anguish, funeral and burial expenses, as well as medical costs.

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