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Dangerous property conditions cause alleged tripping accident

| Sep 4, 2015 | Personal Injury

A dangerous business property in West Virginia can end up costing a customer his or her ability to function physically either short term or long term. One woman in a different state recently reportedly suffered injuries while at a Walmart store. She said her injuries were the result of the dangerous property conditions there, stemming from the store’s negligence.

The woman said she was shopping in the store’s linen section one day. All of a sudden, she tripped over a pallet that was on the floor. The woman reported that she fell backward over the pallet.

According to the suit, the store had not posted any warning signs. She said the store employees should have realized that leaving a pallet on the floor was dangerous, posing a tripping hazard. In her lawsuit, in which she alleges liability for her injuries as well as negligence, she has charged the retail giant with the breach of ordinary care. She said her tripping accident has caused her physical disfigurement and impairment as well as medical expenses.

The woman reported that the store’s carelessness also caused her to lose her earning capacity and lose wages, and she has also incurred both future and past anguish and pain. She is pursing damages and other costs in the range of $100,000 to $200,000. A person can prevail in a liability case involving dangerous property conditions in West Virginia only if liability is established in a manner that meets the strict standards of the civil court. Although monetary compensation may not be able to undo the injuries that a victim has suffered in this type of case, it may help to provide the person with closure.

Source:, “Shopper sues Walmart, alleging pallet trip caused injuries“, Carol Ostrow, Aug. 28, 2015