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West Virginia do-it-yourselfers may be interested in one of the most recent recalls across the nation. The Dremel Rotary Tool manufactured by Robert Bosch is the subject of this defective household products recall. More than 92,000 of these tools are being ordered back to the manufacturer due to potential issues of overheating. Apparently, the circuit board inside the tool could melt the enclosure. This could pose a significant burn risk to the person handling the tool.

It has been reported that some tools may even go so far as changing speed while being used. Some have reportedly turned themselves on automatically and are unable to be turned off. Any of these issues could lead to an unnecessary injury to the user.

The Robert Bosch rotary tools have been sold at various hardware and home improvement retailers, including Lowe’s, Home Depot, Ace Hardware and Menards. The date codes for the tools that are affected range from 407 to 505 and impact the Dremel MICRO Model 8050 Rotary Tool. If consumers experience an injury or any strange behavior of the tool, it should be reported to Robert Bosch Tool immediately for a free repair or replacement.

It is not as uncommon as one may think for manufacturers to rush their products to market without performing adequate testing to ensure that these products are truly safe for consumers to use. Luckily, West Virginia victims can make reckless manufacturers pay for their negligent acts via a product liability suit. When brought with sufficient evidence, a claim like this may help recoup some of the financial losses that were endured due to defective household products.

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