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Spinal cord injury patients may benefit from Ekso device

| Sep 12, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries

People who suffer from spinal cord injuries in West Virginia may understandably lose hope due to this particular neurological deficit. One common problem in those with spinal cord injury is loss of the ability to move and walk normally. Fortunately, a brand new suit known as Ekso may make this possible.

Ekso is an exoskeleton that is wearable and helps patients stand with their full weight and walk with a normal gait. It is designed for individuals with weakness in their lower extremities, complete paralysis or weak forearm strength. This device is also designed to help to restore a patient’s proper step patterns.

Ekso is simply attached to a patient’s clothes and then adjusted appropriately. The device drives a patient’s legs through a motor that is battery operated; it essentially helps replace weak muscular and neurological capacities in a patient. Different walk modes help gradually enhance a patient’s standing and walking abilities. As a patient improves, his or her therapist might switch to a more challenging mode to suit his or her progress.

The Ekso is just one new technology that is emerging with the goal of helping to add to the quality of life of those suffering from spinal cord injury. Sometimes these types of injuries happen in West Virginia as a result of a vehicle crash or an accident stemming from the carelessness of another person. In these situations, it is within the rights of the injured party to file a personal injury claim, pursuing damages that — if achieved — might help him or her to cover the cost of medical care required due to the injury.

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