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There may still be defective household products in WV homes

| Sep 26, 2015 | Uncategorized

Bed handles, which are primarily used on beds for the disabled and elderly, including those here in West Virginia, were recalled back in 2014 for safety concerns. However, federal safety regulators are re-mentioning the recall and reiterating cause for concern again after three women have died and less than one percent of the bed handle buyers have responded. The defective household products are shaped like the letter ‘L’ and attach to beds to assist individuals in sitting, standing and rolling over.

The recall includes 113,000 of these bed handles. The cause for concern lies in the fact that they do not come with the safety retention straps that help hold the handles in place. This is a risk because the handles can shift, which then creates a dangerous gap between the mattress and the handle.

So far, three women have lost their lives due to the defective bed handles. Their deaths occurred in 2014. One of the women was disabled and the other two were senior citizens. They were all living in a group facility at the time of their death.

Defective household products come in many shapes and forms, including bed handles and railings. These types of items are used on a daily basis for many elderly patients and are supposed to be designed in a manner so that they are safe and effective for use. When a manufacturer fails to abide by the necessary safety standards and there is sufficient proof to show the manufacturer was aware of the faults in its products, it may be possible for West Virginia victims to obtain financial restitution for any injuries suffered as a result of the manufacturer’s negligence. 

Source: ABC News, “Safety Regulators Remind Public About Recall of Bed Handles“, Sept. 17, 2015