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Unplug and Spend Time Outside with Your Kids – Before the Snow Hits

| Sep 10, 2015 | Uncategorized

By: Attorney Truman Griffith


It’s been a long, hot summer. No doubt about it. But if last year was any indication, we’re just a few months away from huddling inside around the fire and shoveling snow from the sidewalk. It’s 80 degrees outside. Why am I talking snow? Because now’s the time to get outside, take advantage of the warm weather and extended daylight, and spend time with your kids. We all have work, hobbies, interests, or other duties that take us away from our family every day. And we all make an internal promise to ourselves to spend more time with our kids. So make a point during these last days of summer to spend some time outside after dinner. Take a walk. Pass the football around. Kick the soccer ball. Take a bike ride with your sons and daughters.

At Warner Law Offices, we remind our clients that texting and any type of cell phone use while driving is incredibly dangerous. But looking down at your phone while you’re supposed to be watching your kids swim in a pool, ride a bike in front of the house, or play at a playground can also be dangerous. A recent study found that there has been a 22% increase in preventable accidents with young kids when caregivers were using digital devices. Not only can cell phone use be dangerous, but a recent study by Online Security Company, AVG, found that 1/3 of kids say their parents spend as much or more time on their phones or tablets than they do with them.

So unplug for a bit and keep an eye on the kids to help keep them safe.

Above is a picture of my son, Alex, enjoying the James River in Virginia this summer. Be like Alex: Have fun. Be safe. Get outside!