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October 2015 Archives

Alleged dangerous property conditions lead to lawsuit

Slip-and-fall accidents can happen unexpectedly in West Virginia when commercial establishments fail to keep their properties safe for walking. In one out-of-state case, a woman filed a premises liability claim against a grocery chain, alleging dangerous property conditions caused her to slip and fall there. Reportedly, the accident left the woman with injuries.

Current dangerous or defective products includes GoGo squeeZ

From tutoring and soccer practice to work and grocery shopping, West Virginia parents and children are constantly on the go. It can be hard for parents to figure out a way to get healthy food into the stomachs of their children when life is so hectic. This is why parents often choose easy-to-use, to-go food products, such as GoGo squeeZ applesauce. Unfortunately, some parents are finding out that this particular product may not have been their best choice, as some pouches have been classified as dangerous or defective products.

Auto defects lead to another General Motors recall

General Motors is recalling more than a million cars, and the recall may affect West Virginia drivers. What consumers may find most alarming about the recall is that these same cars have already been recalled and repaired due to auto defects in the past. This current recall will actually be the third one issued since 2007 with the goal of fixing a fire-risk problem.

Pelvic mesh named in lawsuit as recent defective medical devices

There are numerous reasons why a product liability lawsuit may be filed. It may be due to the faulty design of a product by a manufacturer. Alternatively, it could be that the product's use carried risks that were not made known to consumers. Either way, when individuals in West Virginia are injured by defective medical devices, they have the right to seek legal counsel and possibly pursue legal claims in order to try to recoup monetary damages sustained as a result of the use of defective products.

Lawsuit follows injuries by dangerous or defective products

Boutique alcohol production has become popular in many states. Unfortunately, manufacturing errors have proved to provide some problems, and as recently as August, a cider maker in another state recalled its beverages due to unexpected explosions caused by secondary fermentation after the bottles were sealed. Such dangerous or defective products can cause severe injuries to consumers or workers in West Virginia and elsewhere.

Defective products by baby manufacturers recalled

Not all products that end up on store shelves or are marketed online are safe for consumers to use. Multiple defective products sold by baby product manufacturers have recently been recalled throughout the United States, which may impact consumers with young children in West Virginia. The recalls include highchairs, mobiles and cribs.

Defective household products may result in lacerated fingers

When West Virginia residents purchase power tools from home improvement stores, they expect that the manufacturers have taken all reasonable measures to ensure that the products are safe for consumers to use. Unfortunately, defective household products, like table saws and other power tools, can make it to the shelves for innocent and unknowing consumers to purchase. Sears has been named in a recent lawsuit after a man says that the company's Craftsman table saw caused him to lose multiple fingers.

Auto defects in Nissan cars lead to recall

Road salt in West Virginia is understandably a nuisance to drivers, but it was also recently found to be a serious threat on the road. Nissan Motor Co. has decided to recall more than 218,000 of its Versa minis and compact cars in the United States due to auto defects. Specifically, the essential front-coil suspension springs are not very resilient to sodium chloride's corrosive force.

Dangerous property conditions at hotel blamed for injuries

An unsafe business property in West Virginia has the potential to change a person's life for the worse when serious injuries result. One woman in a different state recently blamed dangerous property conditions at a hotel for causing her to suffer injuries. She has filed a premises liability lawsuit against the operation.

Children at risk with latest dangerous or defective products

Although West Virginia residents hope that they never do, many purchase defective products unknowingly. In some cases, an injury results, which could lead to financial losses. Luckily, consumers are protected by products liability law. When it can be formally documented that dangerous or defective products were the cause of the injury, it may be possible to recover a monetary award.

Lawsuit opens up e-cigs as dangerous or defective products

West Virginia smokers, specifically e-smokers, may want to take note of this blog post. As our readers are well aware, dangerous or defective products come in many shapes and forms. Most recently, a lawsuit cited a defect in electronic cigarettes.

Hyundai auto defects involving stalling, spark recall

The automaker Hyundai has decided to recall engines in nearly 500,000 Sonata sedans in the United States, including in West Virginia. The recall follows the discovery of auto defects in the sedans. The company said the manufacturing defects may cause the vehicles to unexpectedly stall.

Pacifier clip maker Chewbeads recalls defective products

Parents of young children in West Virginia may be interested in learning that certain pacifier clips have recently been recalled. The defective products are made by Chewbeads. Over 50,000 of the clips are being recalled since they pose a choking hazard; to date, 45,000 of these clips having been sold in the United States.

Frozen green beans recalled as dangerous or defective products

With more Americans trying to watch their weight to avoid the obesity epidemic, there are likely more fruits and vegetables in the average household. While this is normally be a good thing, if there are frozen green beans in any West Virginia homes, it is important to take note of the nation's most recent recall. This recall, regarding dangerous or defective products, involves green beans packaged by the popular company General Mills.

Convenience stores can be sites of slip-and-fall accidents

When people shop at businesses in West Virginia, they naturally expect these companies to have maintained their properties in safe condition. When this does not happen, slip-and-fall accidents can easily occur, leading to potentially serious injuries that detract from a person's quality of life. One woman in another state recently sued a convenience store after reportedly slipping and falling there due to the store's negligence.

Latest defective household products include dishwashers

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing about a recent recall that affects consumers across the country. A recall has been issued by the Consumer Products Safety Commission (CPSC) regarding the latest defective household products. The specific product is a dishwasher sold under the brands Kenmore Elite, Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau. These dishwashers were sold from January 2008 until December 2013.

Defective medical devices include Essure contraception device

Some women in West Virginia may have been negatively impacted by birth control devices that go by the name of Essure. These potentially defective medical devices have been implanted into hundreds of thousands of women and are said to have almost killed some of them. The Food and Drug Administration is currently reviewing this popular birth control implant's safety.

Pain pump causes lastest lawsuit over defective medical devices

When someone is in significant pain that requires constant pain medication, it is not uncommon for a pain pump to be implanted. A pain pump is a medical device that will automatically release pain medication into the blood stream at certain pre-determined time intervals. It can be used for long durations or for short periods of time to help speed up recovery. Unfortunately, defective medical devices can result in life-threatening or disabling injuries for West Virginia residents, which is allegedly what happened to a woman from another state.

Dangerous property conditions blamed for girl's broken elbow

Property owners in West Virginia are responsible for ensuring that their premises are safe for visitors, but this does not always happen. In one recent out-of-state case, a woman said a business and a day care facility were responsible for her daughter's broken elbow due to dangerous property conditions. She has thus filed a negligence and premises liability suit against both parties.

Kids' balance bikes recalled as dangerous or defective products

West Virginia residents may be interested to hear that roughly 400 bicycles are being recalled by Wishbone Design Studio after it became aware of a potential injury issue with the bike. Apparently, children can gets their fingers pinched between the frame and the handlebar. This makes these bikes some of the latest dangerous or defective products on the market across the nation.

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