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Auto defects in Nissan cars lead to recall

| Oct 17, 2015 | Personal Injury

Road salt in West Virginia is understandably a nuisance to drivers, but it was also recently found to be a serious threat on the road. Nissan Motor Co. has decided to recall more than 218,000 of its Versa minis and compact cars in the United States due to auto defects. Specifically, the essential front-coil suspension springs are not very resilient to sodium chloride’s corrosive force.

Authorities said that if a front-coil suspension spring ends up fracturing, it may come into contact with a tire. The spring may thus puncture the tire and increase a driver’s risk of being involved in a collision. Officials said the spring lacks the resilience it really should have.

The announcement of the recall comes about five months after a preliminary evaluation of the vehicles that was launched by the United States National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The evaluation took place after the administration received complaints from consumers about fractured springs. Some consumers said tire blowouts occurred at high speeds due to the flaw, although Nissan officials said they were not aware of any injuries or accidents linked to the auto defect. Consumers will be allowed to get their vehicles repaired for free.

The Nissan recall covers vehicles that were either registered or sold in 22 states, including West Virginia, as well as the District of Columbia, which together are known as the United States Salt Belt. If people suffer injuries because of auto defects, it is within their rights to file liability claims against the manufacturers of the problem cars. A successful case may lead to monetary damages, which can help to cover medical expenses and other costs tied to the use of a hazardous automobile.

Source:, “US Salt Belt Recall: Nissan Versa Cars Recalled To Fix A Suspension Problem Caused By Winter Road Salts“, Angelo Young, Oct. 2, 2015