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Frozen green beans recalled as dangerous or defective products

| Oct 9, 2015 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

With more Americans trying to watch their weight to avoid the obesity epidemic, there are likely more fruits and vegetables in the average household. While this is normally be a good thing, if there are frozen green beans in any West Virginia homes, it is important to take note of the nation’s most recent recall. This recall, regarding dangerous or defective products, involves green beans packaged by the popular company General Mills.

The recall comes after one of the packages of green beans was tested and came back positive for Listeria bacteria. Fortunately, the recall is limited to organic Cascadian Farm Cut Green Beans, but the potential bacteria still poses a major risk to consumers nationwide. The recalled product includes 16-ounce bags with June 29, 2017 as the “Better If Used By” date.

Sadly, this is not the first recall of frozen green beans in the past month. In fact, the company issued a recall in August regarding 10-ounce bags of frozen green beans with April 10 and April 11, 2016 as the “Better If Used By” dates. These packages were recalled due to the presence of the same bacteria.

Luckily, there have no reports of illness; however, it is still early, and illness reports can still occur after the recall has been made. Consumers expect products to be safe for use and consumption when purchased. When they are not, and West Virginia residents are negatively impacted due to dangerous or defective products, they may have the right to pursue legal claims in civil court. First, though, it is important to research and understand consumer rights in order to determine the options for moving forward legally.

Source:, “General Mills issues nationwide recall of frozen green beans due to Listeria fears“, Kylee Wierks, Oct. 4, 2015