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Lawsuit opens up e-cigs as dangerous or defective products

| Oct 12, 2015 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

West Virginia smokers, specifically e-smokers, may want to take note of this blog post. As our readers are well aware, dangerous or defective products come in many shapes and forms. Most recently, a lawsuit cited a defect in electronic cigarettes.

Apparently, a woman from another state was traveling to the airport with her husband. They were about to embark on a life-altering journey to Brazil, where they planned on helping to build a children’s community center. Unfortunately, that never happened. The woman plugged in her e-cigarette charger. When she did this, hot metal spewed out and caused her dress to catch on fire.

Her husband poured an iced coffee on her to put out the flames. Regrettably, the damage had already been done. She suffered second-degree burns on her hand, thighs and buttocks. The woman filed a lawsuit against three separate entities, including the distributor, wholesaler and retailer of the e-cigs. After six days of trial, the jury returned a monetary award of nearly $2 million to the woman.

West Virginia consumers rely upon companies to develop products that are safe for consumption or use, including the use of appropriate warning labels when necessary. When an individual suffers an injury through the normal use of a product, he or she is typically entitled to pursue a claim for reimbursement of monetary damages incurred due to the injuries suffered. Product liability claims can be filed against the manufacturer as well as any other parties in the consumer chain of supply that are believed to be responsible for the dangerous or defective products. Upon the submission of appropriate proof of a defect or negligence to a civil court, injured consumers may be awarded a monetary judgment.

Source: CBS Sacramento, “Woman Burned By E-Cigarette Awarded $1.9 Million In Lawsuit“, Sept. 30, 2015