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November 2015 Archives

Auto defects plague multiple cars, lead to recalls

People in West Virginia may be depending on vehicles that, according to officials, are unreliable and perhaps even deadly. BMW and Hyundai models are some of vehicle makes that were recently recalled. Thousands of people are affected by the recalls tied to auto defects.

Common defective products today include furnishings, clothes

Sometimes, consumers in West Virginia purchase products that end up being defective and thus cause injuries. A recent report indicates that household goods have made up most consumer product recalls in the United States since the year 2010. Several factors are driving today's continuously high rates of recalls of defective products.

SharkNinja blenders are the latest defective household products

When West Virginia residents purchase a product from the store, the last thing that they probably think about is whether or not the product is safe to use. Most people assume that because a product is on store shelves that it is not unsafe and does not pose a risk. Sadly, this is not always the case. While companies do recall defective household products, the recall may come after it is too late and the injury has occurred.

New wheelchair may help spinal cord injury victims

Spinal cord injuries can dramatically impact a person's quality of life in a negative way in West Virginia. For instance, a person may suffer from incontinence. He or she may also be unable to move his or her limbs, experience spasms or lose the ability to feel touch, heat and cold. A new type of wheelchair, however, was recently created with the goal of making the lives of spinal cord injury victims easier.

Dangerous or defective products caused by packaging error

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing that over 100 women are filing a lawsuit against a birth control manufacturer after they willingly took contraceptive pills thinking that they were being protected from an unwanted pregnancy. Unfortunately, this didn't turn out to be the case. In fact, it is reported that 94 women gave birth after getting pregnant unexpectedly and 17 others did not carry until the end of the full term, and they claim dangerous or defective products were the reason.

Defective medical devices by Custom Ultrasonics recalled

Medical devices that are not made properly can end up causing serious medical issues in patients in West Virginia. One medical device was recently recalled after officials found that it can cause infections. The recall of defective medical devices by Custom Ultrasonics was issued by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.

Levaquin latest in dangerous or defective products

Manufacturers of prescription drugs place their products on the market in order to impact lives. However, the impact that the drug has on a person's life may not always be positive. Instead, it can sometimes be negative. This is why prescription drug companies have a duty to ensure proper research is conducted prior to allowing a product onto the market for consumer and physician use. Otherwise, dangerous or defective products can get into the hands, and bodies, of West Virginia consumers.

Spinal cord injury victims at risk for dangerous condition

People in West Virginia who suffer serious spinal cord injuries have many adjustments to make in life. This is because a spinal cord injury can cause a variety of challenges, such as numbness, paralysis and even incontinence. Recent research shows that those who suffer from spinal cord injury are also at risk for a possibly deadly condition called automatic dysreflexia.

Duraflame heater center of defective household products suit

In the winter, it is inevitable that West Virginia residents and other homeowners will use heaters within their homes, including space heaters. Sadly, space heaters, when used improperly, can result in fires. However, at the same time, a defective heater could cause a fire and result in a complete loss of everything that one owns. A woman from another state is alleging that a company sold defective household products and that she became a victim of one of them.

Slip-and-fall accidents might take place at grocery stores

A slip-and-fall accident in West Virginia can happen when a business fails to keep its floor clear of hazards. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents can quickly cause serious and costly physical injuries. One woman in another state recently sued Save-A-Lot, a grocery chain, after allegedly slipping and falling at the store due to the company's negligence.

Auvi-Q EpiPens recalled as defective medical devices

Epinephrine injectors -- commonly referred to as EpiPens -- can literally be the deciding factor in whether a person lives or dies when suffering from a life-threatening allergic reaction here in West Virginia. If a person has one of these on him or her, then someone else can use it to give the allergy victim a needed dose of epinephrine to keep the person's throat from swelling and his or her airway from being blocked. However, when these life-saving injectors are really defective medical devices, they may not work as they were initially intended, which could result in the person's death.

Auto defects in Ford's fuel tanks could cause leaks, fires

West Virginia residents, particularly vehicle owners, place a lost of trust in the manufacturers of their vehicles. This is because a motor vehicle is the one thing that gets most people from point A to point B. Car owners expect for their vehicles to be in good working order and safe to drive. Unfortunately, auto defects can occur, and vehicle manufacturers may issue recalls.

Defective products for kids include ride-on toys

The recent recalls of multiple items may negatively impact consumers in West Virginia, particularly those with young children. Ride-on toys that are modeled after airplanes are among the children's items that have been found to be defective. Other defective products include child bicycle trailers and even hoodies and mugs.

Auto defects in Honda Fit lead to recall of 25K hatchbacks

Honda drivers in West Virginia might be affected by a recent recall of the Fit. Auto defects associated with this type of vehicle are said to affect more than 25,000 units of the automobile in the United States. The problem has to do with a bracket attached to the rear grab handle.

Dangerous or defective products can stem from incorrect labeling

When West Virginia residents head to the store, it is expected that products are properly labeled. This includes everything from medications to foods. When an allergen statement is incorrect or an ingredient is not listed on the ingredient label for food products, it can become extremely dangerous for those with allergies. Individuals with a wheat allergy will want to pay close attention to this week's dangerous or defective products.

Several defective products recalled, including stuffed animals

Consumers in West Virginia may be currently using or have products in their homes that have recently been recalled by their manufacturers. The recalls are for defective products ranging from stuffed animals to headsets. Also included in the recalls are denim pants designed for children.

Chances high for DUI car wreck in West Virginia

Recent research shows that the number of fatal accidents that happen in the United States due to drunken driving is relatively high. In one year, there were more than 7,850 fatal crashes involving DUI throughout the nation. This is an average of  about 22 crashes every day. West Virginia is one of a handful of states where a car wreck is most likely to happen due to drunk driving.

Fire alarms are the latest defective household products

One of the most common items in all West Virginia homes is the fire alarm. These are recommended to be in various rooms, as close to the ceiling as possible, and on each level of the home. Fire alarms are designed to protect members of the household when a fire breaks out, as it sounds an alarm as soon as it detects smoke. Unfortunately, when fire alarms do not sound alerts when there is a fire because they are defective household products, it can lead to a potentially dangerous situation for everyone involved.  

Car wreck causes 2 deaths, 2 injuries in West Virginia

A deadly crash recently took place in West Virginia in Cabell County along Interstate 64. Two people passed away, understandably leaving grieving family members with questions about how the crash occurred. In addition, two other individuals, including a baby, suffered injuries in the car wreck

Recall of defective medical devices by Cook Medical expanded

West Virginia residents may be affected by a recent recall issued by Cook Medical. The medical device manufacturer recently decided to expand its recall of devices known as angiographic catheters so that it includes all lots of particular sizes. These defective medical devices were initially recalled back in July of 2015.

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