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Auto defects in Ford’s fuel tanks could cause leaks, fires

| Nov 13, 2015 | Auto Defects

West Virginia residents, particularly vehicle owners, place a lost of trust in the manufacturers of their vehicles. This is because a motor vehicle is the one thing that gets most people from point A to point B. Car owners expect for their vehicles to be in good working order and safe to drive. Unfortunately, auto defects can occur, and vehicle manufacturers may issue recalls.

Ford has recently issued a recall for nearly 130,000 of its midsize SUVs throughout the United States, including right here in West Virginia. Apparently, there may be the potential for a fuel leak to occur. The vehicles affected by this recall include the 2009 and 2010 models Lincoln MKX and Ford Edge.

In areas of the United States where salt may be used on the road when there is ice, the fuel tanks could potentially rust. This is what can activate the dashboard light for the engine and potentially also cause the leak. If a leak occurs, there is the risk of a fire occurring.

So far, Ford says that it is not aware of any fires that have been ignited as a result of a fuel leak. Consumers are advised to take their vehicles to a Ford dealer in their area if they own one of these vehicles. Dealers can inspect the vehicle to detect any issues. If issues are found, dealers have been instructed to replace or repair them for free.

When a consumer here in West Virginia purchases a product, whether it be an automobile, a toy for his or her child or a coffee maker, he or she expects that it is safe. Consumers who believe that they have been negatively affected by a product recall or the auto defects that led to that recall may want to consider their legal options. In many cases, it may be possible to file a lawsuit in order to recoup any financial losses that occurred as a result.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times, “Ford recalls 129,000 SUVs to fix fuel leaks“, Oct. 28, 2015