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Auvi-Q EpiPens recalled as defective medical devices

| Nov 13, 2015 | Defective Medical Devices

Epinephrine injectors — commonly referred to as EpiPens — can literally be the deciding factor in whether a person lives or dies when suffering from a life-threatening allergic reaction here in West Virginia. If a person has one of these on him or her, then someone else can use it to give the allergy victim a needed dose of epinephrine to keep the person’s throat from swelling and his or her airway from being blocked. However, when these life-saving injectors are really defective medical devices, they may not work as they were initially intended, which could result in the person’s death.

Lawsuits may be cropping up across the country soon because of defective medical devices. Auvi-Q, a popular maker of these EpiPens, has recalled hundreds of thousands of its products. Apparently, they may not deliver the right dose to reverse the effects of the allergic reaction.

Consumers can contact Auvi-Q for a replacement. The company has said that it will reimburse for any out-of-pocket costs for a new injector. However, proof of purchase must be provided. 

Many people here in West Virginia and across the country count on these EpiPens to save their lives or their children’s lives in the event of an emergency. However, when that life-saving device consists of a defect that keeps it from saving a person’s life, that individual’s family may want to consider taking legal recourse against the manufacturer of the product. Individuals who have suffered adverse effects that were caused by defective medical devices, such as the Auvi-Q pens, may have a viable product liability claim. With successful litigation of evidence, documented financial losses may be able to be recovered.

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