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Levaquin latest in dangerous or defective products

| Nov 20, 2015 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

Manufacturers of prescription drugs place their products on the market in order to impact lives. However, the impact that the drug has on a person’s life may not always be positive. Instead, it can sometimes be negative. This is why prescription drug companies have a duty to ensure proper research is conducted prior to allowing a product onto the market for consumer and physician use. Otherwise, dangerous or defective products can get into the hands, and bodies, of West Virginia consumers.

A couple from another state has recently filed a lawsuit against Johnson & Johnson for the company’s alleged deceptive practices with a dangerous product. According to the lawsuit documents, the man received a prescription for Levaquin in October 2010. He took five of the doses that had been prescribed to him for the infection.

Unfortunately, the couple says that he began to develop serious complications, which affected his kidneys, joints and other organs. The complaint also states that the man’s DNA was altered, which has made the side effects from the drug irreversible. The couple is accusing Johnson & Johnson of failing to adequately research the drug before making it available to consumers. Other accusations include failure to warn consumers of the potential adverse side effects that the drug could have.

If it can be proved that the company did indeed fail to properly research the drug and failed to inform customers about the potential risks that could be associated with the drug, the couple may be able to receive a financial award for their injuries and losses. For West Virginia residents who have suffered at the hands of a manufacturing company because of dangerous or defective products, including medications, it is important to first gain medical help. Then, it may be wise to become familiar with one’s potential legal rights and what actions may be taken in order to seek rightful compensation.

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