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Most people feel pretty safe inside their homes. You have to wonder whether Laurie Beliveau will ever feel safe inside hers again – once she finds a new one.

Beliveau was upstairs in her bedroom, roughly a week before Halloween, when her closet door blew off. Shortly thereafter, flames engulfed the house, burning the closet door and whatever else had blown off in the explosion.

Beliveau managed to make it out alive and unharmed.

A case of yet another gas leak.

According to Charles Winokoor with the Taunton Daily Gazette, a Columbia Gas rep said that a gas leak or similar problem was “a possibility,” but obviously wasn’t willing to speculate further. The fire marshal did say that gas “was involved,” according to the Boston Globe, and the latest news is that Beliveau had apparently been tinkering with her water heater prior to the explosion.

No matter how this explosion occurred, take a quick glance at a post we wrote in September about the sheer number of gas leaks and explosions across the country that occur on a regular basis, often due to ailing infrastructure.

Warner Law Offices, PLLC, handling several cases against Columbia Gas.

At Warner Law Offices, PLLC, we are currently litigating several cases against Columbia Gas for incidents spanning multiple states that involved gas leaks and explosions. Our goal is to not only help the client, but to work to improve the safety (or lack of safety) of the natural gas pipelines that run beneath our homes. 

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