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Defective medical devices by Boston Scientific Corp. recalled

| Dec 18, 2015 | Personal Injury

Medical patients in West Virginia and other states trust that the medical devices doctors and hospitals use are always safe and effective. However, this is not always the case, and sometimes the medical products that are designed to help improve patients’ health conditions actually make them worse or cause new health problems due to defects. One product that was recently recalled is a Chariot Guiding Sheath. These defective medical devices are being recalled following reports about parts of them breaking off and lodging inside some patients.

The sheath is produced by Boston Scientific Corp., and the voluntary recall began in late November. The recall has been classified as Class I by the Food and Drug Administration, which is the most serious recall type since the defect may lead to serious injury or death. The FDA first approved for the sheath to be used back in June 2015.

The sheath is a hollow, long catheter through which thinner devices may be inserted during medical procedures. This device is used for the diagnosis or treatment of blood vessel blockages as well as other conditions. So far, the company has gotten 14 complaints about the device with regard to the separation of the catheter shaft from an insertion device. There have been no reports about deaths or permanent injuries.

Patients in West Virginia who are harmed by defective medical devices have the right to take legal action. They may file liability claims against the manufacturers of these devices, pursuing damages. Awarded monetary damages may help them to cover losses sustained due to the use of these devices, and a monetary award may also help to cover pain and suffering caused by the ordeal.

Source:, “Boston Scientific’s Maple Grove business recalls device after pieces broke off in patients“, Don Seiffert, Dec. 10, 2015