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Lawsuit may be filed by those injured by defective products

| Dec 10, 2015 | Personal Injury

Consumers expect the products they purchase not only to be in good working condition but also to be safe. Sometimes these products, however, end up being defective and thus cause serious injuries to the people using them. In these situations, the makers of the defective products can be held accountable through the civil court system in West Virginia.

One mistake that people commonly make after they have been injured by defective products is that they try to fix the malfunctioning products before deciding to take legal action against the product manufacturers. For instance, a dishwasher might leak water on a person’s kitchen floor, thus causing a severe slip-and-fall accident. The injured party’s family member may attempt to repair the appliance, but this might eliminate possible evidence that could be presented in a related civil suit.

Tampering with defective products is just one common mistake made by plaintiffs who are interested in filing product liability claims. Another common error is not preserving the defective product in its original form. Product liability can be established only if there is proof that the product defect was present at the time that the item left the manufacturer’s control.

When people in West Virginia are hurt by defective products, they have the right to explore all of their legal options, which may include filing a lawsuit. It is recommended that one seek proper legal guidance immediately to find out how exactly to preserve the evidence in one’s particular situation. A successfully fought product liability suit may lead to the reimbursement of financial damages sustained by using the harmful product.

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