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Spinal cord injury patients might benefit from stem cell research

| Dec 25, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries

A person suffering a spinal cord injury in West Virginia may lose muscle control and, thus, the ability to manage movement. Fortunately, rehabilitation methods such as occupational therapy and physical therapy help to cope with these physical changes. Stem cell research, however, might serve as a brand new approach to managing patients with spinal cord injury.

Stem cells that are utilized in treating spinal cord injury might come from different sources, including the patient’s own bone marrow. Cells can also be taken from the tissue of an umbilical cord. Stem cells have been shown to help with replacing necrotic nerve cells after the spinal cord has been injured. These cells could also protect others nearby from being further damaged by releasing certain substances, such as growth factors.

Some research has been done specifically on embryonic stem cells as well. With the help of stem cells, patients very well might experience an improvement in their symptoms, including sexual function, incontinence and muscular control. It is for this reason that scientific research will most likely continue to happen in the area of spinal cord injury and stem cells in the future.

Advances in science and medicine are offering spinal cord injury victims hope that they might experience an improved quality of life in the future. However, the challenges that result from this type of injury, including paralysis, can be life changing. Anyone in West Virginia who has suffered injury to the spinal cord due to another person’s negligence has the right to file a personal injury lawsuit. A successful case may lead to a monetary award to help cover medical costs and other documented losses.

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