Puddles May Lead to Slip-and-Fall Accidents in Retail Stores

 | Apr 19, 2015 | Personal Injury

One quick slip and fall on another person’s property in West Virginia can leave an individual with injuries that have long-term consequences. Slip-and-fall accidents can easily take place if business property owners fail to keep their properties safe for members of the public to use. One woman in another state recently said she incurred injuries after slipping and falling at a Walmart.

The woman, who is suing the national retailer, is a teacher. She said she had been shopping for supplies for school when she suddenly slipped in a rainwater puddle. The puddle had reportedly accumulated on an area of the floor in the store.

The woman said she suffered serious personal injuries as a result of the accident. She has accused Walmart of not warning customers about the hazard and not properly maintaining its floors. She said the store also did not put up warning signs where the puddle was located and failed to inspect the area. According to her complaint, the store additionally failed to prevent rainwater from accumulating and did not have appropriate procedures for dealing with rain.

The teacher is seeking damages for losing the enjoyment of life, along with mental anguish. She is also pursuing damages for loss of both income and earning capacity, as well as medical bills. Financial awards in West Virginia civil suits involving slip-and-fall accidents may not be able to undo the physical harm and other negative ramifications of these types of accidents; however, compensation may help victims to experience a sense of justice after enduring injuries.

Source: louisianarecord.com, “School teacher sues Wal-Mart over slip and fall while shopping for school supplies“, Kyle Barnett, April 13, 2015


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