Design Flaw in Sporting Goods Bow May Have Caused Thumb Injuries

 | Jan 7, 2015 | Uncategorized

Barnett Outdoors is a popular manufacturer and distributor of crossbows that are used for outdoor hunting, as many West Virginia residents likely know. The company has been named in a number of lawsuits regarding its sporting goods products. Apparently, there is a design flaw in the crossbow that allows for unnecessary injury to occur to the user. The company claims that the injuries are due to shooter error and further asserts that the injuries are a result of amateur knowledge of the crossbow and how to use it.

There have been many reports of severed or lacerated thumbs due to this claimed design flaw. There is supposed to be a safety mechanism on the crossbow to keep the thumb and the rest of the hand away from the drawstring of the crossbow. Unfortunately, these crossbows were missing the finger guard, which reportedly caused some shooters to suffer injuries.

One man says that he had his right thumb cut off by the drawstring. While surgeons were able to reattach his thumb, he has been severely impacted by the incident. In addition to the pain that he is left with, he says he is also facing over $4,000 in medical expenses.

Although there are many instances when a hunting accident may be due to the fault of the individual involved, some accidents are the result of defective sporting goods products. When an injury occurs due to an unforeseen event such as a design flaw in the consumer product, the blame may be shifted toward the manufacturer. If it can be formally documented in court that the manufacturer is to blame, it may be possible for a seriously injured victim in West Virginia to obtain a monetary judgment for medical expenses, lost wages and other financial losses that occurred as a result of the injury.

Source:, “Hunters: Barnett crossbows caused serious thumb injuries“, Bennett Haeberle, Jan. 1, 2015


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