Dining Room Chairs May Be a Dangerous Household Product

Consumers in West Virginia and throughout the rest of the country face a certain amount of risks every single day. However, some risks that are faced are unnecessary. For example, when a manufacturer designs and sells a product that is faulty or defective in one way or another, consumers may be at risk of serious injury or worse. This may be the case with one potentially dangerous household product that has recently been recalled. 

New Pacific Direct (NPD) Furniture has recently recalled several of their dining chairs. Apparently, they may break without prior notice. This can create a very dangerous situation.

The chair is made out of a dark wood. The seat has white or black piping along the edge with green or gray fabric on the seat itself. There are two SKU numbers for the defective chairs: 428136-GS-C and 428136-CS-C.

These chairs were sold at a number of retailers throughout the nation during the second half of 2014. So far, NPD Furniture has received a handful of reports that the chair legs have broken unexpectedly. Luckily, no injuries have occurred, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t.

When there are design and manufacturing defects in a product, this can lead to hazardous situations and severe injuries for consumers here in West Virginia. When these faults are discovered, injured individuals may be interested in learning of their legal rights as a consumer. In some cases, a product liability or personal injury suit against the negligent manufacturer of a defective and dangerous household product can result in a financial judgment that can assist in recovering financial losses that may have occurred as a result of the product.

Source: riverheadlocal.com, “NPD Furniture recalls dining chairs“, Jan. 15, 2015

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