Woman Suffers Spinal Cord Injury at Trampoline Park

 | Jan 2, 2015 | Spinal Cord Injuries

One accident, in West Virginia or elsewhere, can quickly take away a person’s ability to ever walk again. Unfortunately, one individual in an out-of-state case recently experienced this after visiting a trampoline park. She went to the indoor park to celebrate her son’s birthday, but an accident there caused her to suffer a spinal cord injury and led paralysis of the lower part of her body.

The woman was reportedly jumping on a trampoline and flipped. She then fell on her neck. She said she immediately could not feel anything. Doctors at a hospital ended up diagnosing her with a serious injury to her spinal cord.

The woman underwent surgery a couple of days later, during which doctors were able to remove broken vertebrae pieces. She is currently relying on two plates of titanium to guard her spinal cord as well as secure her head. According to doctors, if the woman had shifted just one inch prior to the arrival of paramedics, she might have passed away. The woman’s family indicated they have plans to file a lawsuit against the park, claiming negligence.

A spinal cord injury can be life-altering, robbing a person of the ability to take care of him- or herself independently. If this type of injury is the result of another party’s negligence, it is within the right of the injured victim to seek to hold the other party financially accountable in civil court. The plaintiff may seek monetary damages that can help to cover any medical costs and other monetary losses connected to the accident in West Virginia.

Source: Fox News, “Texas woman paralyzed from waist down after trampoline accident“, Dec. 19, 2014


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