Slip-and-Fall Accidents Can Cause Severe Bodily Injuries

 | Jul 24, 2015 | Personal Injury

When people are injured at a business establishment that was not properly maintained in West Virginia, they have the right to try to hold the establishment accountable legally. After all, injuries stemming from slip-and-fall accidents can be costly to treat and can also prevent a person from working, thus posing a huge financial burden on the individual. One person in an out-of-state case said she suffered injuries following a slip-and-fall accident. She recently filed a lawsuit against the condo association responsible for the property where she allegedly fell as well as against an associated property and landscaping company, claiming negligence.

The woman said she was at the property one day and ended up slipping and falling on ice and snow in its parking lot. She said the fall caused her to suffer injuries to internal organs, limbs, her body and her head. These injuries included a bulging disc as well as spinal strain and sprain, among other injuries.

She claimed that the defendants failed to inspect the property and did not properly maintain the condition of the parking lot. She also said they did not correct the problem with the ice and snow. They, furthermore, are blamed for not warning visitors about the hazardous condition of the premises. She claimed that this action also violated state and city laws involving property maintenance. The lawsuit may soon be moved from the county where it was filed to the county where the slip-and-fall incident reportedly took place.

The woman who filed the lawsuit is seeking more than $50,000 in damages and costs. When slip-and-fall accidents happen because of a property owner’s negligence in West Virginia, this is grounds for a premises liability suit against the property owner. A successfully litigated suit may result in monetary relief for the injury victim.

Source:, “Slip-and-fall case may move to Chester County Court of Common Pleas“, Nicholas Malfitano, July 15, 2015


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