E-Cigarettes Considered Among Dangerous or Defective Products

 | Sep 19, 2015 | Dangerous Or Defective Products

It is not uncommon for West Virginia residents to flip on the news or search through Google News online to see that there is a brand new recall of a product virtually every day. Dangerous or defective products come in many forms; they can be children’s toys, household furniture or even automobiles. Recently, there has been some concern around e-cigarettes.

There has been a report that has shown that some e-cigarettes manufactured by certain companies actually contain chemicals that can cause cancer, which is not something that they are supposed to do. There were 97 products that were purchased in order to conduct the research to create this report, and all of them were tested in a high-quality lab. It was found that 50 of those products contained extreme levels of acetaldehyde, formaldehyde or both.

Following the findings of this report, the Center for Environmental Health based in Oakland, California, has decided to pursue a legal claim against 19 manufacturers of e-cigarettes. The report found that at least one of each of the products tested contained cancer-causing chemicals. The company is citing that the companies violated consumer law by failing to warn them of the extreme levels of potentially harmful chemicals. Some of the products contained anywhere from 10 to 100 times more of the harmful chemicals than the California safety standard.

Earlier this year, the CEH filed a different lawsuit against several e-cigarette makers for reportedly failing to inform consumers that their products contained nicotine. For individuals here in West Virginia who have been diagnosed with cancer or who have lost a loved one due to cancer following the use of e-cigarettes, it may be possible to take legal action and pursue compensation for the manufacturer’s negligent actions. The legality surrounding dangerous or defective products can be particularly complex, so it may be helpful to seek professional guidance on how to proceed.

Source: californiahealthline.org, “Oakland Group Taking Legal Action Against 19 E-Cigarette Companies“, Sept. 3, 2015


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