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January 2016 Archives

Olympus defective medical devices may lead to infections, death

When a medical device is not made properly, the consequences can be devastating for patients in West Virginia and other states. One device that was recently slated to be recalled voluntarily is an Olympus medical endoscope. Officials said these defective medical devices have been tied to hundreds of infections.

Auto defects lead to increasing number of auto recalls

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, a new record was set last year for vehicle recalls throughout the United States, including in West Virginia. In light of this, automotive regulators and automakers are striving to change how they address auto defects. This is of particular concern since millions of vehicles have had to be repaired at the start of 2016 due to possibly defective air bags by Takata.

Caffeine tablet manufacturer sued for wrongful death of teen

From energy drinks to pills, caffeine is found in countless products in West Virginia and throughout the country. It is not uncommon for teens and young adults to use these "dietary supplements" and "energy boosters" in order to stay awake and cram for exams or to boost their performance on the sports field. Unfortunately, these drinks and pills could potentially contain excessive amounts of caffeine that could cause fatal injuries. Manufacturers are quick to dismiss the allegations that these types of products are dangerous, but a family from another state begs to differ after the alleged wrongful death of its son.

Onesies, griddles among recently recalled defective products

Seemingly safe products may end up actually posing serious hazards to children or adults in West Virginia. This is the case for multiple defective products that have recently been recalled. Among the products included in the recall are onesies for infants and electric griddles.

Britax baby car seats considered dangerous or defective products

West Virginia readers may want to take note that Britax, an infant car seat manufacturer, has recently issued a recall for some of its car seats. At this time, the company has received 74 separate reports of various incidents involving the dangerous or defective products. Apparently, the car seat handles are susceptible to breaking, cracking or fracturing, which is what has prompted Britax to issue the recall. Luckily, Britax has only received confirmation of one infant being injured due to the defect in the car seats so far.

Slip-and-fall accidents on ice may cause permanent injury

One slip-and-fall accident on an icy surface this winter in West Virginia may unfortunately cause long-lasting injuries to an individual. Injuries from slip-and-fall accidents can impact a person's quality of life by preventing him or her from being able to work and move around as easily as before. One woman in a different state recently said she slipped and ended up falling on a patch of ice outside a hospital.

Man sues General Motors over auto defects

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing about an automotive case from another state. According to a recent report, the plaintiff had purchased a Chevrolet truck from a local dealership. He says that it had auto defects and claims the dealership was unsuccessful at repairing them.

Spinal cord injury sufferer sues hospital following surgery

Spinal cord injuries can cause patients in West Virginia to lose complete control or partial control of their limbs, thus negatively impacting their quality of life. Unfortunately, sometimes spinal cord injury is a result of the negligence of another party. One person in another state recently said he suffered this type of injury at a hospital.

Children's medicine latest of dangerous or defective products

With the winter season well underway in West Virginia and the rest of the country, parents are likely stocking up on cold-related medicines. Unfortunately, parents may have innocently picked up dangerous or defective products in the process. According to reports, one company has issued a voluntary recall of some of its children's medicine.

Office chairs recalled as defective household products

When a business is equipping its office, it is not uncommon to head to Office Depot for desks, chairs and other office supplies. The same is true for West Virginia homeowners, especially those who work from home. When doing this, one of the last things most individuals consider is whether the products they are purchasing are on recall lists.  Most consumers believe that companies would not manufacture or sell defective household products. Unfortunately, though, they do, and this appears to be the case with some Office Depot executive chairs.

Auto defects lead to Mazda recall affecting thousands of cars

When a vehicle in West Virginia malfunctions due to a defect, the lives of the vehicle's driver, the passengers and other motorists on the road are at risk. If a death happens due to auto defects, the car maker may be held accountable in civil court. One company, Mazda, has recently issued a recall that affects hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

Honda motorcycles recalled for alleged auto defects

Safety recalls of motorized vehicles are mong the most common types of product defects of which consumers should be aware. The auto defects do not stop at cars, trucks and SUVs, as this category also includes UTVs, 4-wheelers and motorcycles. For West Virginia residents who own Honda sports bikes, it may be time to check to ensure their bikes are not part of the company's most recent recall.

Dangerous or defective products can put a damper on holiday fun

West Virginia parents may want to review the toys their children received for Christmas this year. This seems particularly true where hoverboards are concerned. There have been numerous emergency room visits and complaints citing these popular new toys as dangerous or defective products in many locations throughout the nation.

Spinal cord injury patients might benefit from implantable device

After suffering a spinal cord injury, a person in West Virginia may experience issues such as the loss of sensation and the loss of movement. Other issues he or she may face include the loss of bladder or bowel control or even sexual function changes. Fortunately, spinal cord injury victims who suffer from paralysis may eventually benefit from new research into the creation of an implant designed specifically to help such individuals.

Slip-and-fall accidents may happen on icy walkways

When a business property in West Virginia is not kept up properly, a person may easily end up slipping and falling. Unfortunately, slip-and-fall accidents might cause a person to suffer long-term physical injuries and accrue costly medical bills as a result; the individual may also be unable to work while trying to heal. One woman in another state was reportedly involved in a slip-and-fall accident at a Kroger's Food 4 Less.

Man asserts Zimmer U.S. designed defective medical devices

As most West Virginia residents know, there is always some level of risk associated with any surgery and the use of any medical device. However, it is crucial that patients be warned of these risks prior to undergoing surgery for the placement of a medical device. According to reports, a man from another state has recently learned first-hand the damage that defective medical devices can cause. As a result, he has filed a lawsuit against the manufacturers of the device.

Defective products such as pressure cookers recalled

When consumers are hurt by products with defects, the manufacturers of these products may be held accountable for the consumers' injuries. A couple of defective products that were recently recalled may impact consumers in West Virginia. The recalls cover pressure cookers and candle holders, among other items.

Older Ford cars recalled due to auto defects

Vehicle purchasers in West Virginia naturally anticipate that the manufacturers will produce safe vehicles for consumers to use. Sometimes, vehicles do not function properly due to serious auto defects, which can cause an injury or even a fatality. One recent auto recall that may impact some people in the state involves Ford cars.

Recent dangerous home products include frying plans

West Virginia consumers who recently bought cookware as a gift for loved ones or received cookware may be impacted by a recent product recall. The recall involves two different frying pans. Macy's has issued the recall of the dangerous home products.

Oxygen tanks catch fire, explode as defective medical devices

West Virginia residents may be interested in hearing about a man from another state who is currently seeking monetary damages via a lawsuit that he has filed against a medical device company as well as his landlord. Apparently, the plaintiff is alleging that aged wiring and too few circuit breakers resulted in the malfunctioning of his oxygen tanks. As a result, the defective medical devices caught fire and exploded, which resulted in irreversible injuries for the man.

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